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Now :P
Sep 20 by The Trapinchinator
K cool. I have Showdown! now so we can battle there
Sep 20 by The Trapinchinator
Yay your back! And stay this time : P
Sep 20 by The Trapinchinator
Hey, remember me?
Jul 28 by The Trapinchinator
Oh gawd, we haven't spoken in eons ;o
May 16 by Aeternis
Aw, how could that happen?! Something's wrong! Is it something you ate? It must've stripped you of your battling abilities! THIS IS HORRIBLE!
Apr 8 by TERKOIZ
sorry xchar, I am not on the site as often as before, mainly on the server busy doing things here
However, hi ;>
Apr 2 by Aeternis
So, I guess your not as active as before huh? Well, I guess we're both veteran users, I think we shouldn't have too many questions to ask since we've been here for a long time!
Mar 29 by TERKOIZ
Plus, name change ends today
Mar 24 by The Trapinchinator
X and y, duh
Mar 23 by The Trapinchinator