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Member for: 1 year (since Aug 24, 2012)
Type: Expert
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Gender: Male
Country: America.
Favorite Pokémon: Staraptor, Latias, Landorus, Breloom, MScizor, Keldeo, Gyarados, Aegislash, MCharizard X/Y, Tyranitar, Thundurus, MPinsir, Talonflame, Latios, Bisharp, Deoxys-S, Dragonite (In Order; subject to constant change)
Friend Codes: I never play pokemon ingame or online via DS/3DS. However, you can catch me on ther server. I play UU, OU, Ubers, and gen 5 tiers (bar NU and LC). Challenge me anytime.

One of the series I am really good at is the Super Smash Bros series. Best Nintendo competitive games (lol inb4 Melee fans bash on Brawl for sakurai's pampering to it), and I believe to be a lot better than most people, whether it be in tournament experience, battling experience, or vocabulary and advanced techniques.

Also, anyone who knows what RAR (Brawl Avd Tech), DI, and parrying (Melee) is, I will give them  a cookie or an upvote. And yes, I expect Google to answer for you.

Project M mains:
Marth, Zero Suit Samus,
Project M secondarys:
Doctor Mario, Link, Pit

Melee mains:
Melee secondarys:
Marth, Peach

Brawl Mains:
Marth, Falco, Snake
Brawl Secondarys:
Ice Climbers, Meta Knight, Pikachu, Toon Link

SSB64 Mains:
Kirby, Fox
About me: My opinion on Aegislash? Good riddance! Now people can actually build real teams that doesn't have some super synergetic pokemon holding all of their shit team together lol

Imo, next bans should be Thundy/Lando. As for Mega bans, I expect Mawile and CharX (especially CharX) to get the boot, with Pinsir and Medicham under serious consideration.

Anyways, you'll rarely ever catch me here, apart from tourney entries in the Meta, or commenting and helping/harshfully questioning people with their choices on the RMT. If you ever wish to battle me or chat with me, you can find me at:
That is the DB server you may know or have heard about. I can be found under these specific alts (In Order):
Unholy Whore (coming soon)

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weeeeeeebielielsupermartkettiles arrrmsandlegz fuRther b3TT37 DanLieksAnime Pachi9pachipachi-rshjusui

Lol get mind **** ed
5 hours ago by Graveyard Shift
Get your ******* Pachirisu outa my face son
1 day ago by Graveyard Shift
All hail the based queen, Se Jun Park's Pachirisu.
2 days ago by fondant
I have no time for anything at all tho ;-;
It make me sad cuz I wanted to win it for teh both of us but ;-;
I just have no time ;-;
3 days ago by MrKijani
Ayyyye Gurl

Thanks Gurl

I missed you too qt

U haf nice bootie

Birfdai sexuals r my fav

Give me plz

I want

No I need

I luf you
Aug 9 by CWegz
no mew only LOLs after beginning a previous sentence with lol
Mewderator: lol i just fapt to 2 gurls 1 kup
Mewderator: LOL
Aug 2 by hotcakes
[19:02] +Gensokyo: InfiniteAffinities is qt
[19:03] InfiniteAffinities: dang, are you a pokemon?
[19:03] InfiniteAffinities: because the Flatter is real
[19:04] +Gensokyo: I don't like qts with high special attack after all, InfiniteAffinities :3

I got rekt ;-;
Jul 29 by Lust for Glory
<)ㅤ)/ All the single ladies

 ( .__.)
\(ㅤ(> All the single ladies
 /ㅤ \

<)ㅤ)/ oh oh oh

You better not delete this
Jul 24 by hotcakes
[23:57] Britcakes: dont be that guy who says fek
[23:57] @InfiniteAffinities: fek
[23:57] Britcakes: i mean like pika fek
[23:58] @InfiniteAffinities: pika fek
[23:58] @InfiniteAffinities: :I
[23:58] Britcakes: no
[23:58] Britcakes: its just
[23:58] Britcakes: fek :I
[23:58] Britcakes: i did some dum crap in minecraft :I
[23:58] Britcakes: HAI MAM AND FWEND :D
[23:59] Britcakes: and then attemping 5chan with space between arrows and greentext
[23:59] Britcakes: anyway im going to sleep now so bai frens
Jul 6 by Lust for Glory