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Wall for Megaflygon

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*hands Mega Stone* *bows head* I have been safekeeping this for you.
Oct 2 by Poke'slash
Mar 4 by Mizuki_500
Where ya been?
Mar 3 by Mizuki_500
Hey you. I miss ya.
Feb 28 by Mizuki_500
Stupid name changes, I cant tell who any of you are.
Feb 27 by Megaflygon
You lied to me? :'( I'll never forgive you!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!
Feb 26 by Mild MagnaAngemon
Feb 22 by Megaflygon
*catches in Pokeball* *lets out of Pokeball and hugs*
Feb 22 by Poke'slash
Hey. I'm a bit overdue for my visit, sorry.
Feb 21 by Megaflygon
Well, I just spotted one now. >:D Yo.
Feb 21 by Poke'slash