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Mew, It's come to my knowledge (after looking at your gravatar of course) that you sexually identify as a female. I am well aware that you are NOT a female, making you a trap. I'm glad to know I finally have a trap friend.
1 day ago by MonoUmbreon
Hai mew ;o
Apr 20 by Sempiternus
wtf mew you hid ma question
Apr 19 by the cool heracross
Hey friend :)
Apr 9 by &Psychic x
Yo. Mew! How you been?
Apr 9 by ~Infinity
Answer spamming again I see :)
Welcome back Mew!
Apr 9 by ƒιzz
I find it so funny you are #1 ahead of Pokemaster
Apr 8 by Owen Xekrain
Cool Gravatar
Mar 20 by FrackzienDelphox
dude #1 congratulations
Mar 6 by Infinity Mew
Next name change:
Mewderator ---> Mewdministrator. Definitively that :P
Feb 28 by ItsGuillotine