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Wall for Mewderator (page 1)

I like your name. smart combo of words
Jun 21 by Salamaster
Jun 18 by Toxicroak
I thought he had a pink ass?
Jun 8 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Smart Ass >.>
Jun 8 by Graveyard Shift
Ew, it's a wild Mew. I think ima throw up on yo pink ass

Seriously though, sup :p?
Jun 5 by Graveyard Shift
Hy pal :D
Jun 3 by CWegz
Hey mew, Why don't you like my answer on your movepool changes question?  I gave a complete list and sources?  Is there something I did wrong?  I really don't care about the points I just am trying to write answers better :D
Jun 3 by Parzival
Dang, hy pal. V
Jun 1 by hotcakes
Mew never talks....ever
Jun 1 by CWegz
fabulous Gravatar! (Also do you ever talk??)
Jun 1 by ~~Dazzling Sylveon~~