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I agree with ~~WILL~~.
He needs to be the lowest scorer of all yiem!!! D:<
Oct 7 by It's a secret!
Beep. My true name is PM
Sep 27 by Mr Gamaken
Following up on Indigo's notion, we should mass-downvote MovesetBot and make it the lowest-scoring account on the DB.

Just 'cause we can.
Sep 23 by ~-~WILL~-~
If anyone's wondering, I think I was the one that gave the downvote, for whatever reason.
Sep 23 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Moveset Bot:
Country:Made in China
Favorite Pokemon:Metang
About Me: Beep

Man ,He has a Life
Sep 20 by Legend Of Lotad
Fastes Moderator EVAH: YOU MOVESETBOT! YOU!!!!!!
Sep 4 by It's a secret!
dat downvoted''
Aug 25 by ShinyFire
Aug 14 by It's a secret!
Hey no dupes allowed o3o
Apr 25 by The Trapinchinator
It is Pokemasters second account for XY moveset questions thing
Mar 21 by Natsu