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Member for: 3 years (since Aug 7, 2011)
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Gender: BOY
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: Fire={Infernape,Magmortar,Darmanitan}Dark={Weavile,Sandile}Ghost={Huanter,Yamask,Duskinoir}Fighting={Mienshoa}Electric={Luxray,Raichu,Emolga}Grass={Roserade,Leavanny}Bug={Dustox,Beatifly}Poison-{Seviper,Arbok}Flying={Staraptor,Togekiss}Dragon={Salamence,Flygon,Garchomp} Togekiss Best Pokemon Ever
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Well helloooo there. :3
Apr 3 by !'•-Indigo-•'!