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Look u slut, dropping out of tourney that Lenub isnt in doesn't help your Db image >:O

5 days ago by Lust for Glory
Awww ;]
Aug 15 by Sempiternus
We wanted him to leave tho.
Jk <3 ily too MK
:c dun hate me
Aug 12 by Sempiternus
Well in that case EVERYONE IS WRONG.
Aug 12 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Did you leave and then return?
'Cos if you did, hullo.
Aug 11 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Welcome back?
Aug 9 by Scraϝ
You LIVE <3!
Come to the server :O
if you can ;<
Aug 7 by Aeternis
You died when I returned
Aug 7 by Aeternis
I say hi
...and that I miss you being here.
Aug 5 by Scraϝ
You are so in trobble Mr. K.!!!!! Did I make you mad? Just let you know, I made all A's in State Government and Technical Writing!!!! I made promise that if I made an A in Technical Writing, I will never talk bad about women!!!! This coming semseter, I will be taking Calculus I and General Chemistry . I have to get all A's this semseter and next semester of Spring 2015 that way I have a 3.3 GPA!!!!! Also, I am going to transfer Univerisrty next year. :D. You may not see me for awhile becasue I going to work so hard on my academic studies. I sware, it is like competion high school all over again. I have decide to get degree in BA in Mathematics and MS in Chemistry. Where have you been and I have not seen you awhile ?! Wish me luck!!!
Aug 5 by sheepman1306