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Thanks man :D
Damn we haven't talked in so long.
Feb 14 by ƒιzz
Lol cya dude. Do say Hi once in a while :}
Jan 11 by Generekt
Not sure if anybody ever checks here anymore, but if you do, and you don't know me all you need to know is that I've basically left the site.

If you do know me, then you've possibly noticed my absence, well, I have left. Mostly due to school, but also partially because I've lost interest in the games and competitive battling. I might be on once in a while to say Hi, or just to see what's going down, but I've left.

My good friends know who they are, I'll be sure to stay in contact with you guys.

I love this site, hope it goes long and far into the future of pokemon.

Dec 31, 2014 by MrKijani
Asking people to not downvote your question is, for want of a less insulting word, stupid. It just indicates to me as a reader that even you consider your answer to be downvote worthy, requiring you to ask not to be downvoted. If anything it just makes me want to downvote you.
Plus, if you were wrongly downvoted, more experienced users will comment and give reasons for why you shouldn't have a downvote. They don't need you to ask them not to downvote, that is up to those with the responsibility to downvote, and as an answerer you accept that your answers may be subpar and therefore downvoted on occasion.

In short, quit freaking asking people to not downvote your bloody answers.
May 17, 2014 by MrKijani
If you ever need this, DT from the past has your back!

How to register Bandicam again:

1) open Keymaker folder, select the file called "Keymaker," not "Maze.

2) Right click the keymaker file and select "run as administrator."

3) Enter in whatever you want and choose to register it. After that, open up bandicam and you're done! Keep in mind you have to have Bandicam closed during this whole time.
Apr 14, 2014 by DarkTyphlosion
List of Mods and Editors: http://i.imgur.com/co4JODJ.png
Apr 2, 2014 by MrKijani