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Wall for Neon Snivy

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Thanks you too :)
Mar 17 by Care :D
Lil Sniv
Mar 11 by Pahff
Iv been good :) I got 6 shinies last week lol. My cat also turned 1 on the 4th. At wintergaurd I got 1st place at a competition :) I also got a 2nd solo at the end of the show where I toss my flag to someone else :D
Mar 10 by Care :D
Hey snives!Thought I would let you know I were back.Didja miss me.I missed you on chat,it needs your awesome swag puns and stuff.
Mar 10 by Masked Torterra
Hai snivy long time no see :) how ya been? XD
Mar 4 by Care :D
Math in the oldern days: 1+ 1 = 2. Math now: If the chance of an apple being purple is the same as the amount of PBJ mass produced in 1 day how many aliens wear hats on the 4th of July? 5 because Watermellons don't grow on trees. <--- logic (it's fine if you didn't laugh.)
Feb 23 by Neon Snivy
So kawaii
Feb 19 by Itchy Reshiram
oh lol cool. Yep, I do, but I like Chimchar more. It was the first pokemon I got to level 100 :D
Feb 18 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
lol thanks. twiggy lover? what's that supposed to mean?
Feb 17 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
yeah same. I've got tomorrow and the day after tomorrow off though, so hopefully I'll be able to finish my team by then. If you need any help with your team let me know
Feb 16 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)