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Will Nintendo ever release a cool 3DS XL design in America?
Mar 21 by Hotcakes
Hippowdon and Mamo
Mar 21 by Nindzya
What is your favorite ground type?
(obvious answer is diggersby)
Mar 20 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
Mar 20 by Nindzya
What is your 4th favorite color?
Mar 20 by Hotcakes
Hey, 3 years eh? Nice :D
Mar 20 by Majora
So I'm going to do an AMA for my 3 years, I guess. I don't know why, my girlfriend was telling me to do it. So yeah. Post any question you have on my wall, personal or db related, I give you a serious answer for the latter. Not so much the previous, probably.
Mar 20 by Nindzya
Where did you get your gravatar picture, it's so cool. o_o
Mar 13 by Majora
DT: If it's long, I feel that it the RMT post should be shortened to fit it. If it's really that long, I really doubt most people are going to do that much reading just for one team.
Mar 7 by Nindzya
Mar 6 by Nindzya