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Why do you respond to someone on your own wall, rather than the wall of the person asking the question?
It's so weird. ;-;
5 hours ago by trachy
Went to the drive in and it was a double feature, so my friends wanted to see it.
10 hours ago by Ninja
Thanks. :D

Also, why did you go see TMNT? Were you forced at gunpoint? Did someone threaten to blow up a third world country if you didn't? Secret turtle fetish (turtles <3)?
22 hours ago by trachy
TMNT = Terrible.
Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty good. I liked it.
1 day ago by Ninja
Jellal :o
6 days ago by Qwerty Zoom
I'm confused.
I thought I had your permission for the ToS thing?
Aug 10 by Scraϝ
lol discussion on Ninja's wall xD

But seriously though if there's one character that's annoying in the original Naruto, it's not Naruto, it's Sakura!
Aug 10 by Sir Dan
I tried watching the original, I couldn't stand Naruto though. The others (especially Sasuke) I  found quite interesting.
Aug 10 by Ayan