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Wall for Ninja

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May 19 by Ninja
Ninja watched Steins;Gate! I'm surprised. My personal favourite.
May 19 by Spirit
That moment when I've actually seen one of your 'Watch This Anime'. :O
May 15 by SoClassy
I currently play a Red/Green Aggro deck, which I guess can be considered Atarka. However, the archetype has been around in standard for ages, well before Dragons of Tarkir came along. So I'm loathe to actually say it is Atarka. You can view the deck here: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/15-05-15-rg-aggro/

Abzan is the clan I like playing with the most of the Khans of Tarkir Clans. It just has good creatures with above the curve stats (such as Siege Rhino, widely considered to be one of if not the best 4 drops in Magic), plenty of removal, and ramp.
May 15 by trachy
Thanks a bunch! :)
May 15 by Almighty Derpados
A master ruse if ever I saw one
May 14 by MonoUmbreon
For MtG? And Dragons of Tarkir clans or Khans of Tarkir clans if so?
May 13 by trachy
Welp, Jason Vorhees is in MKX now.
May 12 by SoClassy
Waz with da dbz grav? (dbz if im not mistaken)
May 11 by Weedle Everyday
PM was mean :c
Didn't gimme name I wanted
May 5 by Weedle Everyday