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*reads profile*
*imagines a chibi Ninja saying "I hate everyone!" in a high squeaky voice*
15 hours ago by Poke'slash
file against? What, like lawsuit or what?
2 days ago by ReadyAimFire
Black butler  MAH MAN!!!!!
3 days ago by ☆オレンジ★
Btw, you said don't waste money on food XD. I think you misunderstood. the money I 'waste' on the food is my only source of food. I have to buy all the food I don't get from school myself :P
3 days ago by ReadyAimFire

Thank christ I am Ex-Catholic.

"They're not REAL Catholics!"

These people should be charged with murder.
3 days ago by Ninja
I know.
4 days ago by Ninja
Aw you deleted my Ciel comment ;~;

But he did actually wear a dress in season one
4 days ago by ReadyAimFire
Oh my god you actually have a Ciel Gravatar ILY
5 days ago by Poke'slash
As a preorder bonus I mean :P
Sep 7 by Cyrax
I've preordered it so I'm getting the DLC for Goro
Sep 7 by Cyrax