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Gender: Hombre
Country: No le dice
Favorite Pokémon: Porygon-z
Friend Codes: 3DS:1778-9623-0533 nombre:James
  ¿ Tiene un safari de togepi? Dice en mi pared porfavor .
About me: Im doing  it in English cuz If I do it in Spanish you may understand
Toxikk-lives across the street from me (best freind) and just moved :(
munks the monkey-got my name right
Jellohamster-ALWAYS has the move sets.got my fav gen legendaries right,and we have a lot in common(best freind)
keldizion -doesnt call me by the username,a good freind and also got my name right(one more thing,she's austrailian! :D)
legend user123-got my name right XD
pokemaster-the creator...without him I wouldnt have known that chatot does NOT evolve into dodrio
Shadow giratina-got the bivalve pokemon right
Amharosthebeast-got the bivalve pokemon right,loves apmharos
DRAGONMASTER-helping with the site
Unovareigonrocks-(I prefer sinnoh reigon)-for some reason we make good friends
The hungry Mawile - told me where t. Dark pulse is( I really need it)
Name changes:Rowr!------>Espeon367------>
MAGIKARP'S REVENGE----->koikingu>>>>Fairy Arceus------>Persona de español

hi you can call me koik,koikingu, magi,magikarp,espie,espeon,Rowr,,Mr.2642,or 2642

Ive got trivia!
What is my favorite ability

answer when you see me on chat,If you get it right,you will be on my freind list :D

I have a quote that might be useful

"you have only one boss,in which is you."
if anyone likes saving quotes say this is my quote because i made it up.
 I like to battle so if you want to battle me,go ahead,im ALMOST always ready for battle.

 I keep it for emergencies ( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸
 Oh my item is a pixie plate, moves
Calm Mind
Swords Dance

 By the way yo hablo español( I speak Spanish)

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Aug 13 by Persona de Español
Hello friend
Aug 9 by demat
Mismagius 0_o Why?
Apr 29 by Persona de Español
So, that's awesome man
Feb 28 by Persona de Español
Yes, I'm a Chinese, So?
Nov 30, 2013 by E⚡️ectridash02
Nov 28, 2013 by SylveonLover456
Nov 28, 2013 by Keldedee
I need more posts on my wall JUST POST ANYTHING PLZZZZZZZ
Nov 27, 2013 by Persona de Español
Ok got it!
Oct 22, 2013 by Persona de Español
Hey I need my pixie plate!!
Oct 22, 2013 by Persona de Español