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Gender: Male
Country: England
Favorite Pokémon: Many, in no particular order: Mega-Blastoise, Arbok, Venomoth, Primeape, Mega-Alakazam, Cloyster, Kingler, Mega-Pinsir, Mega Gyarados, Lapras, Kabutops, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Feraligatr, Crobat, Octillery, Hitmontop, Sceptile, Breloom, Mega-Aggron, Mega-Medicham, Solrock, Milotic, Kecleon, Relicanth, Metagross, Regirock, Infernape, Staraptor, Roserade, Spiritomb, Toxicroak, Porygon-Z, Gallade, Rotom-H, Emboar, Jellicent, Accelgor, Golurk, Virizion, Meloetta, Greninja, Dragalge, Clawitzer, Aurorus, Zygarde. I <3 all the Fossils, Kabutops being my fave. And my fave type is Rock c;
Friend Codes:
About me: Username changes: Titaniumant --> PsychoClam --> Ionization--> Wildfire~ --> Phoebus Apollo~

Pokemon Showdown! name: Phoebus Apollo~
I spend some of my time on the DB server, so you're most likely to catch me there, if anywhere. Also on PokeBattle as Phoebus Apollo.

Right, I think it's about time I started a friend list here. So here we go. Apologies if you're not on the the list and you think you should be, just put something on my wall :)

Flafpert: Great UU battler, and showed me the potential in Scrafty when I 6-0'd him >:D (forgot to save replay T-T)

Mechanism L: I tested his NU team for him, and he's just a cool guy :)

Aeternis: Yeah. He's cool. So. Deal with it.

ψPsychic.*: Nice guy to talk to and my pet mod :3

!*•~Indigo~•*!: Wynaut? So enthusiastic it's funny.

NonePiece: Teams shall be made!

Doctor Flame: O hai sensei C;

Mew: Very good mod, and now never has to breed for another pokemon in his life xD

Jojo and trachy are the same person O.o:
@Derpternis: let me get into my formal alt
@Desdinova joined

Goodragoodragoo: I feel like killing that Goodra was assisted suicide D:
~Scizornician: That guy was racist, homophobic and generally a duck
Aeternis: Umbreon should die in fire and have its ashes dissolved in acid =_=

My best rating: 1785 (OU, main ladder)
No idea how to get a screenshot on profile so I'll just put the replay. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-75709894

Mega Evolutions that I want (in no order, other than Kingler :P):
All starters
Octillery (Mega Launcher pls)

Broke 1000 points-  6th of January 2014

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Wall for Phoebus Apollo~

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I shud slap you for not having the dude who made the one pokemon he absolutely hates wall you o3e.
3 days ago by Young Reezy
det Bow doe
5 days ago by Puff
Just got to say
With those two battles, the scoreline and the forfeits didn't reflect the quality. I made a couple riskier predicts that I got a feeling could work from our first, invalidated match.
In a match where we both used different teams each time, you would have probably won.

TL:DR Amazing two battles man P: . In the end it came down to the fact I got used to your team before you could get used to mine.
Aug 16 by Sempiternus
I swear to god Ion, I will find you, and I will kill you. And brag when Megagross gets banned :D
Aug 12 by &Psychic x
Nub :o
Aug 11 by &Psychic x
You are always Ionization
May 26 by Scraϝ
pshaw, I have always been prepared for you .3.
May 17 by Aeternis
Mega unown, lol
May 10 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
I'm right next to you, mwahahaha
May 7 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
69 upvotes. Not bad :P
Apr 19 by Phoebus Apollo~