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This is muscle man Pinsir
May 14 by -[Protean~Froakie]-
Hey Lady Slash!!! xD I wanna battle you like crazy, lil Miss. However I dont do that N00b Ass Showdown Buziness... My FC is on my Profile so Hit me up whenever, kay Sis? :D seeya round!
May 12 by Sassy_Little_Mawile
This is me

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May 6 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
The team is Raichu, Jirachi, Ludicolo, Scrafty, Mega Aerodactyl, and Klefki
Apr 20 by Amiable Angemon
I love that quote xD. Oh, and no matter what, I'm always gonna be "Lazy Chance Breaker FTW"!
Apr 17 by Graveyard Shift
Hey. If you read below you'd know I'm leaving the site forever. Wanted to say goodbye, since you were a friend. Although...I got the impression lately that you were becoming more distant. You were talking to me differently, acted different towards me and said different things than you did, compared to when we  were super close. I don't know why this is, but I trust you have a good reason, so I won't ask.

"Due to reasons I have listed on my profile, I have left this site. For approximately 2-3 months, I will only be involved with the usual asking / answering questions and site concerns.   After this length of time, I will be gone permanently. I will never be coming back to full activity. I will sometimes drop in on you guys, but this is where I will leave virtually forever. Thanks for being a friend" ~ Xerilia

I enjoyed it when we spoke all the time. I had a whole lotta fun when you were around. I'll get by. Just don't stop being annoying and you be fine :P
Apr 12 by Graveyard Shift
Excalibur~ Excalibur~
Apr 6 by Immortal
Dat g-tar :O
Apr 2 by Sempiternus
Thank you, Slash. At least somebody on the DB is sincere and loving enough to take this completely legitimate turn of events seriously on April Fool's Day.

We won't forget your kindness.

- Ted, Will's totally, 100% real cousin
Apr 1 by ~-~WILL~-~
You have given out 555 upvotes and 55 downvotes.
Fivey. :3
Mar 29 by !'•-Indigo-•'!