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Hai :D

Sep 14 by Kronos
You only have two souls in the morning? Everyone knows for a healthy balanced breakfast to keep up your energy you have to have at least four, if you can get enough. In which case three is okay. Are you poor? Is that why you only have two? Also, what kind of souls do you eat, female or male? I prefer male, the testosterone gives me an extra boost for sports.

Other than that, I usually have a good, healthy amount of female fanservice, that's my secondary meal. Primary meals are souls. Other secondary meals for me include the breakfast cereal Soul-O's, and toast with Buttered Soul on it. Do you have your Souls salted or sweetened? Just wondering.

BTW I found it VERY boring. What happens after the Arachne arc?
Sep 13 by Victini Victory
Fair enough I guess xd

Btw you don't mind if I occasionally call you 'sis' do ya? >.>
Sep 13 by ReadyAimFire
Religiously huh? That's the only way to watch Soul Eater. Personally I lost interest around episode thirty, before it was really funny, interesting and cool. Ah well, there were only like twenty episodes left. The theme song was awesome at first, then they changed it and wasn't so good. I didn't like that whole Archane or however you spell it thing. Does it end?
Sep 13 by Victini Victory
Sis, you must know, that Excaliburr has 1002 provisions right? He add or takes it a few every now and again. Don't be so hasty as to assume a perfect 1000 from our Lord
Sep 12 by ReadyAimFire
That conversation about 'DNA' though XD
Sep 12 by Fated Fathom ♠
Soon at this rate, I will pass you. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah... hah... Teehee
Sep 11 by The Trapinchinator
Yes! The Victory of Victini has returned! Plus a cute gravatar. I see you're still worshiping Excalibur the Awesome, slash.
Sep 8 by Victini Victory
Dunsparce FTW
Sep 7 by Dunsparce