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thanks but it was boring cuz i don't drink :2
Mar 25 by MonoUmbreon
Hi slash
Mar 23 by Aura Warrior
Happy late St Pats, girl
Mar 18 by Lusty
Hi Slash :D
Mar 18 by Mosmero
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Hope you all had a great day.
Mar 18 by Poke'slash
Oh lol ok you really should update it then. Anyway, my FC is 2337-4762-5963
Feb 18 by Victini Victory
lol you really need to update me in your friends list.
Feb 12 by Victini Victory
dont post on my wall unless u wanna catch these hands, m8

square up
Feb 10 by Lusty
I hear you've been secretly active here :)
Feb 7 by Mosmero
They're taking my beloved Doctor Who off of Netflix? Outrageous! Good thing I've seen all of them but the Christmas Specials.
Feb 5 by Spook