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Why downvotes?
4 days ago by Mr Gamaken
can you delete my account please thank you.
Sep 9 by Zum
my brother sid13's account was blocked for some reason - why
Sep 6 by [Dark Star] Greninja
Hey, PM. Since name changes are open, could you make that name I asked for available seeing as it's inactive?
Sep 5 by JackZero
he doesnt battle pokemon he duels in yugioh
Sep 3 by hotcakes
I'm just going ahead and posting this here. Please stop asking PM to battle! He will NOT battle. He is far too busy, and doesn't really even battle his friends any more. random users will not be the exception to his non-battle streak.
Sep 1 by ReadyAimFire
yo there's been some news since mega audino
mega slowbro
and steelbook editions and figurines
and pokken tournament
Aug 29 by Mega Evolution Guru
Hey almighty. Can we battle?
Aug 29 by It's a secret!
For lopunny please add that lopunny also gets high jump kick please
Aug 12 by The Trapinchinator