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Wall for Pokemaster

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Put in my fc
5 days ago by Starizard
Yo Pokemaster do you have x/y or oras? It would be awsome to battle you! :D
Jan 19 by Jeremiah Bullfrog
(\__/)   Buneary says "Hi''.
Jan 15 by swagpert
I wanna Friend you!
Jan 12 by Starizard
Just so your wall stays active, every 24-36 hours I will say hi!
Hi! xP
Jan 11 by a stalker! o:
Jan 10 by Awesome BlaZiKen
Are u like the Producer or Director of Pokemon Database
Jan 10 by Awesome BlaZiKen
Ello PM
Jan 3 by a stalker! o:
Is the name change open? I thought it would be a Christmas present :(
Dec 26, 2014 by Almighty Aggron
PM the real god is coming bow to him (God) (from heaven)
Dec 20, 2014 by matthew.mcharg1