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oh no............... here comes mega rayquaza to overthrow you.......,
3 days ago by matthew.mcharg1
what does the mew say go to mewderator's wall now to read the full comment.
4 days ago by matthew.mcharg1
When you get the chance, can you delete the hidden answers from this page: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/16065/why-were-you-banned-for-moderator-use?show=55782#a55782

It's been ages since it's been cleared, and it runs very slowly.
Dec 7 by trachy
Dec 5 by tyrantrum1016
Shouldn't the name change be open now? You're probably busy with a lot of things in life, but I'm just wondering :P
Dec 3 by The Trapinchinator
Arceus, did you know Mega Rayquaza is planning to overthrow You?
Dec 2 by tyrantrum1016
We really need to stop flooding this wall people
Dec 2 by It's a secret!
Thanks for creating DB, I'm now addicted to it. I know you wont reply but I don't care XD
Pokemon DB is an awesome place
Nov 30 by LeafeonLol
:0 Pokemaster
Nov 30 by LeafeonLol
Pokemaster, a new god called mega beedrill is approaching, beware of the big scary bees :0
Nov 27 by Tadpokenerd