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Wall for Pokemaster (page 1)

Hello Almighty god of the universe. May we please battle? Tell me if I am worthy to be in your presence tomorrow!
Aug 5 by It's a secret!
Hey pokemaster! :D i was wondering if we can battle?
Aug 4 by Shy Guy of Justice
Update the home page in which pokeball vivillon was released in Germany please :)
Jul 31 by The Trapinchinator
Hey Pokemaster Whats The Thing About "Comments Needing To Be Approved ? Post on My Wall To Reply
Jul 31 by Le King Of Dragons
↓ lol xD
Jul 26 by Sir Dan
The user v creation also said other swear words as well
Jul 25 by Carebears123
Poke master, there is a user named v-creation who used the f word to say how much he hated the site in his profile. I tried to ask him to change it, but instead he said no. It is a insult to the site and to the users. Please tell this user to get rid of the f word. Thank you for reading this

V creations profile: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/V-Creation
Jul 25 by Carebears123