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Where have you  been..?!
May 27, 2014 by MeepTheMareep02
Please come back, we need to talk about something
May 6, 2014 by Mega Dragoon
Ehh Pokémon..--> Rapidash?
Mar 11, 2014 by MeepTheMareep02
BTW, can you change my name on the list? (I'm GlidingEmpoleon02)
Feb 23, 2014 by MeepTheMareep02
Jan 5, 2014 by JarJar~
My chosen Pokemon: an Electric/Fire type Rapidash?

=Electric Rapidash
Dec 30, 2013 by MeepTheMareep02
can i be is the meep army?! :D i like meeps >w< and i hate bullies they cant go to hell >:L
Dec 1, 2013 by EmøtionalDisater
Oh and nice gravatar!! It makes me think of hydreigon, dialga, and blastoise mixed together.
Nov 4, 2013 by Mega Dragoon
Razing can you change my chosen Pokemon to Dragalge please?
Nov 4, 2013 by Mega Dragoon
Hey! Banette is epic! >:(
Nov 3, 2013 by Distortion Keeper