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Member for: 1 year (since Oct 24, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Male
Country: The glorious, independent, and not-so-free world of USA
Favorite Pokémon: Sewaddle, Reshiram and Yveltal
Friend Codes: 3DS: 0602-7122-2562 (Let me know you registered by posting on the wall. I don't go to the Chat Room that often anymore.)

Nintendo Network ID: TJT626

Steam: PokeMarioXBN (Not like you would HAVE steam anyways... Right?)
About me: When I first played Black three  years ago, I grew back to Pokémon INSTANTLY!

I am not going to be able to be online as much anymore due to recent times.
Favorite Games: Pikmin, Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Kirby, and Super Smash Bros., and Terraria.

Currently in Pokémon Omega Ruby: Working on Masuda Method Breeding for a HA Tepig. Yes, I got the HA Emboar.

Currently in other:  I got my next biggest item: The Gamecube Controller Adapter!

Mainly, I hover around waiting to gift someone with my well-stored Knowledge. Other times, I'm training my amiibo in SSBWiiU, causing a ruckus on Team Fortress 2, or just having a jolly good time on Terraria.

Some call me weird. Some call me awesome. But others call me magnificent.

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In fact, I want to thank you. I absolutely HATE to appear as though I am bragging or boasting, so I think I will trim down the 'Breaking Barriers' section a bit. You came on a bit harsh, but I see where you're coming from.
Mar 13 by Astronautical
Apology accepted!
Mar 13 by Astronautical
I will admit that I was hyper active for the first month and a half, so the bulk of my oints came from that. The majority of the rest are from BAs, although I do have one or two (lengthy) answers with quite a few upvotes :)
Mar 13 by Astronautical
I would like to drop the issue, and we can leave with a mutual respect for each other. Truce?
Mar 12 by Astronautical
Tbh, I am offended. It's not my fault for doing my best. And when you say I appear everywhere, that's not exaclty true. I am most active on the Q&A, I do maybe one RMT a week and I suck on the Meta. I have also experienced a signifigant drop in activity. I usually only get one answer a day, per weekday. Before I was just answering whatever I felt I could answer, but now my time is much more limited and sometimes I don't get on for days at a time. I don't see anything wrong with what I am doing.  I am not spamming answers to grub for points, I am answering because I feel as though I have the ability to answer the question well. I don't, as you seem to believe (from what I can interpret from your messages), answer every unanswered question I come across. I do my best, and my best just happens to be good. I'm very sorry if I tick you off, or if I come across as an annoying parasite, but so far you are the only person who has had a problem with my success and I don't feel as though I have done anything wrong. I haven't broken any rules. Once again, I'm sorry for getting so far so fast.
Mar 12 by Astronautical
If it's about me posting an answer after yours and then getting BA, I have an explanation. It took me about half an hour to type up that answer, so I didn't see yours until after I posted mine.

And what do you mean, I should try not to impede you? I believe this is the first time we've ever answered the same question. Sorry if I get in your way, but that's not going to stop me from answering questions. Obviously I won't try to steal points or BAs from you, but I can't help it if I get them naturally.

One last thing: Where and what is your line? As you said (or implied) in your post on my wall, I'm new and naturally would have no idea where your "line" is. And if you don't understand how I got so many points, I just love to help out people and I guess they find my answers good (not to put yours down). Silverdragon :D, the user right above me on the Users page, just got Expert and has only been on for ten months.

Once again, I'm sorry if I offend you by answering the same question as you, and I will never do it on purpose, but I'm not going to suddenly stop answering questions until I actually know what you don't want me to do.
Mar 12 by Astronautical