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Gender: ♀ Girl, age 14 ♀
Country: Hogwarts, 4th year.
Favorite Pokémon: Phanpy
Friend Codes: X Info:
Name: Emily
My FC is: 0559 - 7248 - 7802
Safari Type: Dark
My Pokémon: Vullaby, Sandile, and Inkay
About me: November 3, 2013
Btw, I'd like to set-up a Vivillion-trade with as many people as possible. I already have:
~ Polar
~ Modern
~ Continental
~ Elegant (The most abundant one, I have an extra)
Link to Vivillon info:

I need to complete my collection of them all! >:3
Dat Pokeball one especially.

Stay thirsty, my friends.


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PLEASE email me. We need to stay in touch, you have my email right?
5 days ago by Victini Victory
I'm eating cereal out of a glass. When I'm done, I'll have chocolate milk

I regret nothing.
6 days ago by Rio
Ri, why do you keep dyingggg? Come back or give me an email address or a Kik username or something...
Sep 3 by Victini Victory
Rio, I don't know you but you should update your Bio, cause I am pretty sure you go the PokeBall Vivillon from the vent did you?
Aug 18 by Keromatsu
I feel like such a terrible friend, I don't even remember your birthday. I just remember January. So, are you still psychic? That was really cool how you did all that clairvoyant stuff. Pleeeeease tell me your birthday, I need to celebrate.

You probably don't remember mine, but then again you're Rio so you might. It's October 24th, JSYK. You must tell me your birthday, or I'll explode. And you probably won't like that. And, what's new, let's see.... well, I'm starting 9th grade this year. If I was in the US, I'd be in High School right now. Can you imagine that?? Me, in high school! Ha! Although I doubt it's anything like on TV, right?
Aug 18 by Victini Victory
Ah, the memories <3
Remember the time with DF when I was new and I acted all weird meeting you for the first time? I laugh at that now. Hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you now? 15?
Aug 13 by Victini Victory
Haha, I had no idea you were still online! It's great to see my good old friend!
Aug 5 by Victini Victory
I have a pokeball vivillon if your interested in it...
Jul 3 by Hawluchinations
Rio? Is that you!? Remember me!?
Jun 17 by StealthScyther99
Being the psychic I am, I was in science class. We just got back from our trip to the capitol, and was shortly discussing it. They mentioned that back at school, they watched some movies (to which I whisper to my friend- Night at the Museum Two), to which not even 30 seconds later, my science teacher goes "We watched Night at the Museum 2 and 1." I threw my hands up and said "Did I not just call that?!"
Jun 2 by Rio