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My apologies for the assumption.

You're still a prick, just not as much of a prick.
11 hours ago by trachy
I can make profile pictures. Just not sprites at the moment.
13 hours ago by Scizornician
Hey Sciz, do you still make "profile pictures" or whatever you want to call them?
15 hours ago by Sir Dan
Hey Sci,If you happen to read this any time soon,can you please post the link to the Db showdown server thingy on my wall,thx :)
21 hours ago by Pado00405
1 day ago by trachy
I didn't ban you. I also don't know who did.
2 days ago by Scizornician
Well, to be honest I do not know the exact reason I have been banned. I tried to come on and then I found out. Mind telling me? :3
5 days ago by Amiable Angemon
Hello, O great one.
6 days ago by demat
Side view meaning in a way like how your grav is. Your grav isn't completely at a side view though. I pretty much just want the sprite to be the side of a pikachu, but with visibility of a red cheek and eye. In the following image a pikachu and eevee are snuggling up, and you see pikachu at a side view. I just want the sprite to be one side of Pikachu's body and show one red cheek, his eye, a little bit of his back stripes, etc. you get the idea. is this post too long?

Aug 9 by Amiable Angemon
Hey Sciz you're looking good as Gligurr's gravatar :P xD

(Gligurr said you're the person who's in his gravatar.)
Aug 6 by Sir Dan