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Member for: 3 years (since Dec 14, 2012)
Type: Editor
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Gender: Female
Country: Australia (Sydney)
Favorite Pokémon: Escavalier & Dragonite
Friend Codes:
About me: No longer active.
Occasionally on admin still, so don't be surprised if you see miscellaneous comments/edits and stuff.

Blame Mewderator.

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17 years old, gamer, sometimes watches anime. Spends too much time studying.
Currently in the middle of HSC year in NSW, Aus so rip me if you understand.

Where to stalk me: Ask for my Skype/FB/Email off certain DB members if you can find them, leave something on my profile if you really need me for some stupid reason. I'll see it like 2 weeks later.

Editor here,  (former) leader (&) on DB Server. Main alts were Sempiternus, KnightofDragon, Kotori Itsuka and Mazu.

Friends List: Too many, you know who you all are - shoutouts to Pikamaster (fwend), Tenebrae (imouto), Aeternis (bwother) and Cyrax (padawan)

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^ That's my account. The anime list isn't actually finished but meh, you get the general idea. I don't normally update it tho.
Haven't updated it in a while.

If you need anime suggestions,feel free to ask. Ninja's a good option as well, PX and Lusty aren't half bad either.
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Before you ask, no Sempai will not notice you.
And Ninja's gender is Batman.

Last profile update: 19/4/16

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I might have flagged something accidentally when I've gone to click the name. I've done that a few times in the past. I blame my rippu eyes and my rippier internet.
Apr 27 by PX
I haven't flagged anything recently e.e
Apr 27 by PX
Thanks, and good luck with everything you're doing :)
Apr 26 by ƒιzz
Of course.

Seriously though, I feel as though we've spoken before. Like, once.
Apr 26 by Spook
Now what did I do? :c
Apr 26 by Kaname
Of course, I'm that one guy who did that one thing that one time that you probably saw at one point. That guy.
Apr 25 by Spook
I'm doing accelerated Media right now, which sort of passes as humanities I guess. I'll do two of four units of VCE Media next year, which are the only accelerated subjects I can cope with I think :P Some of my other subjects have a varied curriculum but aren't really accelerated per se.
Apr 25 by ƒιzz
Ah that must be difficult. I can sort of relate, I get issues with perfectionism sometimes which means a large workload often doubles on itself because of the pressure I apply to myself. It's worrying really; workload is bad enough now and it's only going to get worse :/
And yeah, I'm staying well clear of accelerated maths/ science for that very reason, I'll just take those year by year.
Apr 25 by ƒιzz
Nothing out of the ordinary. How's HSC? I'm starting subjects from Victoria's equivalent early next year which is going to be a whole lot of fun. D:
Apr 24 by ƒιzz
Ah good point.
Apr 23 by PX