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Oh great Christmas.

Merry Christmas anybody who reads this.
The big fat red man who can somehow fit down a chimney half his size is coming.
1 day ago by Sempiternus
took the test 'bout  6 weeks ago, my spirit animal is the butterfly... ._.
3 days ago by Mild MagnaAngemon
Notice me Sempai! On second thoughts nvm. Dun wanna gain brain cells C:
3 days ago by FallenFury13
Thank you for the knowledge sempi
4 days ago by It's a secret!
But on your wall, it seems as if it is directed to the person who asked the question in the first place. To prove you could be saying no randomly or in a conversation with someone else while not noticing them and if people who read your wall need to understand that, you have to type out the conversation.
Another thing, don't you have to have to noticed them to have to notice the question in the first place?
And sorry bout the long af post.
5 days ago by It's a secret!
So when someone says 'Notice me sempai!' to you, don't you have to notice them to say no in the first place?
Dec 19 by It's a secret!
Dec 9 by trachy
Heyo :D
Dec 8 by silverdragon
Hi Ani
Dec 8 by Lupus-Chan
ur my sempi and fwend ;o
Dec 6 by Lupus-Chan