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Congrats on 19k Master KoD!
Nov 19 by <|Skymin|>
You've had it for too long o3o
Nov 18 by The Trapinchinator
Change your grav :3
Nov 18 by The Trapinchinator
The fact that grades matter and that I get an increased workload make it a tough transition, but I'm learning to deal with it
Nov 13 by Generekt
Hey Sempi, did you mean I should delete those dots that Secret posted? ••••••••••• like dat.
Nov 12 by LeafeonLol
Beat BlameTruth o3o

For the record my "ye" was referring to the fact I had his stream >.> I didn't snipe, his plays were obvious as hell anyway e.e
Nov 12 by Sempiternus
Darude - Sandstorm
Nov 11 by Pahffo
On a Doctor Who rant:
e.e ermygerd why clara
why u do dis
ermygerd why pink e.e
why u do dis
;-------------; And I thought it was going to be like a frigging Rory + Amy ending again.
But NOOOOO Pink has to be all righteous and send the little kid through it.
And then Doctor and Clara say baibai. BOOOOOO
And what is that cliche crap about "love is a promise bla bla bla" e.e
Meh it was still a gud episode :c

Nov 11 by Sempiternus
Nov 11 by Pahffo
I didn't want to go to the USA :l my parents thought I would have a better education here
Nov 10 by Pahffo