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Wall for Sempiternus

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Too bad I stepped on it.
47 minutes ago by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Indigo used Hail!
But it failed!

I don't know why people are hailing you but that was basically the first thing that came to my mind. .3.
1 hour ago by !'•-Indigo-•'!
u herd me bich
12 hours ago by hotcakes
you are the same gender as your gravatar because gravatars dont have genders
also anyone in anime has no gender
they are anime
18 hours ago by hotcakes
All unhail unlord sempi
21 hours ago by Masked Torterra
All hail O Lord Sempiternus.
21 hours ago by demat
Um..okay you got me there
1 day ago by Graveyard Shift
But it's true though. You can't deny it
1 day ago by Graveyard Shift
Idiots and morons tend to get along well with each other.
2 days ago by Graveyard Shift
Thanks, I really do appreciate it
3 days ago by Aeternis