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Pls. Pokemon hardly counts as being otaku... Meanwhile, the downloading of anime like Hagure Yuushetica was really wierd...
Feb 25 by 12_Ghast
Sorry, I'm so late XD. Congrats on becoming Editor!
Feb 25 by Sophisticles
And I'm tasty but pls don't eat meh
Feb 25 by Radicool21
Fite me IRL m8
Feb 25 by Radicool21
Nerd is my middle name, come at me bro
Feb 24 by Radicool21
I can't read without my glasses. Ugh. The guy should have explicitly asked for him to take the prime factorization of 9 and 10, and multiply both of their first prime factors and add that product to the product of the second prime factors.

Nerd talk! :D
Feb 24 by Radicool21
I was a Naruto fan for a little while, then the storyline got too complicated
Feb 24 by Radicool21
How about that Naruto ending
Feb 24 by Radicool21

yucky bro-con
Feb 22 by MonoUmbreon
-gives le stuffs-
Feb 21 by Tad