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Wall for Sempiternus (page 1)

ej dude, you got kik or something? We can do some catching up?
Sep 24 by Artist KS
I hope I've convinced you of the truth :3
Sep 21 by nintendogamer639
hi ;o
Sep 20 by Pikamaster
Ah alright cool. I still need to get around to logging into the email address and seeing if I can invite in my main one into the form so I can actually fill out the entries. Thanks for doing that in the mean time. I'll take a look at things.
Apologies for the super late response, you know how school is haha :(
Sep 17 by ƒιzz
cool a bmw :O
Sep 14 by Dedenne-bot
I had no control over the form anyway, I just talked to Kyron while stuff was going down. But thanks anyway, I'll talk to who I can see if they need anything. I appreciate it.
Sep 14 by PX
A beautiful little marble in the shape of a heart instead of the more common sphere. The inside is clouded with a pattern of translucent rose-colored glass.
Sep 14 by Jellohamster
What is the difference between a Editor and a Moderator?
Sep 13 by Dedenne-bot

saying that i suck?
it's just me bashing another user
Sep 13 by Sapph's art
Cheers for the info.
Sep 13 by Rick Gastly