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Yeah I hope that too XD the second week of band camp starts today I can't wait until it's over .-. XD
Aug 24 by Care :D
I am sorry to hear that. I know what you mean. I have been refreshed and ready for Texas AM!!!!  Summer School was okay, there was a lot of cramming involved. I may retake Calculus II in the spring semester if the advisor would let me.I love the teacher and she was very nice to me. Like I said, it was tough  over the summer and my instincts tell me I should took a break...Good Luck on your School year and study hard.
Aug 17 by sheepman1306
AP English is a breeze, lol all my classes are AP, we have those things too but most of them are classes
Aug 14 by Neon Snivy
Wow really? Mine doesn't start until the day after Labor Day XD

My summer is pretty good thanks band camp starts next week which is 1-9pm Tuesday-Thursday for two weeks but not in a row we will learn 80% of the show during it which is gonna be torture because I'm gonna be outside the entir time .-. XD oh ok that's fine I understand
Aug 8 by Care :D
I started Monday and its okay they put me in a dieting  class whuch is really funny
Aug 6 by Neon Snivy
I start school on the Aug 31 :P. I made a D in Cal 2 :(. I did not have Cal 2 background, so I am going to retake in the spring semester. Also, took for off for summer session . When I was reading book and playing pokemon of SS, I have totally for got about school.  I was so obsess and I am almost got burn out of school. I did not have time to enjoy my free time when I am out school. Pokemon Update: I have finally figure to catch a legendary pokemon without using a master ball!!!!!!
Jul 31 by sheepman1306
Oh ok I see sorry you have to do that. And sorry I didn't get back to you soon enough to be able to game chat. Do you think you could do it this week? :)
Jul 27 by Care :D
Hey man How is it going? How is life treating you? What is your classification at your high school?
Jul 21 by sheepman1306
Alright, I have banned that dude based on what you said. And lol, we'll see I go for more points!
Jul 17 by Psychic x
Hey Soph, my name has changed from Astro to Grime Time. If that list is not up-to-date, then I'll get the feds to take it down.
Jul 14 by Grime Time