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Ohh okie
11 hours ago by Care :D
Oh, and if that's the same "We are Victorious" that I listen to, then it's one of my favorite songs as well.
1 day ago by Astronautical
Aw shucks. But the Flying-type has more dual-type diversity than the Steel-type. We shall see…
1 day ago by Astronautical
Thanks I really needed the help!
1 day ago by DA830
Hey, youre the one that recently answered my RMT right? (and thanks!) I got an email saying that, but I cant see your answer. From what I saw though, it was really good. Did you hide it?
2 days ago by DA830
Oh and btw why do you need 20 hours of community service?
3 days ago by Care :D
Parents are something else huh XD they basically want me to be someone I'm not and they can't get it through their thick skulls that it isn't going to happen XD

I didn't start spring break yet. Still 2 more weeks .-. Lol
3 days ago by Care :D
Well..my parents took all of my electronics away on a 4 day weekend .-. I annoyed the heck out of my parents lol. I also hope that I get another metal this year at guard championships. There is going to be 5 other guards in our class and only 1st,2nd, and 3rd get a metal. It would be awesome if I got another metal this year :) and now I'm officially lost in history class. Then again I always am lol. How have you been? :)
4 days ago by Care :D
Gee lol thanks!!!! :)
5 days ago by Care :D
I got 1st yesturday!!! :)
5 days ago by Care :D