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They haven't made them waterproof yet, either. RIP first laptop :'c
6 days ago by Astronautical
I won't be on DB until I get another laptop :\. My teacher's PowerPoint had a virus on it and it just froze. It's amazing how laptops have advanced to touch screen yet they can't beat a virus >.>.  Talk to you guys in about three weeks
6 days ago by Sophisticles
Actually you do know me. We've known each other for about a year now
May 15 by Almighty Derpados
It so would XD I started marching band a few weeks ago and the weather was beutiful today for it. It was humid this morning But it was cool at marching band :D it's going to be in the 40's tonight! :)
May 13 by Care :D
It has been soooo hot this week. It was in the 90's yesterday and today .-. I hope it snows...it's highly unlikely but I'm still hoping for it! :D
May 9 by Care :D
That's awesome! Lol I bet you will be occupied XD it's no fair that you end school soooo early. Take me with you! XDD
May 9 by Care :D
I got some tape for my guard rifle which I needed XP wood was sticking out everywhere lol
May 3 by Care :D
Eh I'm doin ok. That's pretty funny about that test. That is definitely something I would do XD My parents anniversary was today. It was fun because we went shopping lol.
May 3 by Care :D
My cat died a year ago and today would have been his birthday :'(
May 1 by Care :D
Lol "have fun" XD
May 1 by Care :D