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Wall for Speed freak

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14th. Why the heck not. xD
You seemed very nice though. Hehe, it would be great if you could come back one day.  Oh well. :/
And no, you don't know me.
Aug 23 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Nooo! unlucky number!
Jun 28 by Toxicroak
12th :D?
Jan 25 by Dunsparce
Happy new Years, Sf :'( Even if you aren't coming back you were the best mod IMO <3
Dec 31, 2013 by Dr.Flame
The magic coupon will always be my symbol, and I will always kill the forces of good for our evil empire! Invincible we shall be my master!!!
Dec 25, 2013 by Absol
lol absol XD
Dec 4, 2013 by YveltalvsXerneas
8th. Legit
Nov 23, 2013 by ReadyAimFire
I miss you master. I will always fight for you with the magical pie coupon!
Nov 17, 2013 by Absol
how do u do the moving pics
Nov 2, 2013 by Pokegeek1000

I totally love Lucario DERP ._.
I hope you can come back some day, you are probably my favorite user other than myself
Oct 3, 2013 by MasterLucario300