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Gender: A boi! I'm le 14 years old boi. btw I am a Froakie from Japan AKA Keromatsu!
Country: Pakistan C : No I am from Kalos or somewhere in the Pokemon world : P
Favorite Pokémon: Krookodile. yeyeeyeyeyey. Actually I love ALL of them especially fiancee(Jacob's way of saying Diancie)
Friend Codes: X/OR and AS(My sister's game)/3DS Friend Code: 1908-0265-1342
UPDATE: 100/100 sorry
My Friend Safari is Psychic  with Espurr (Ze Creeper) Drowzee(Mispronounciation of Drowzy?) and Girafarig(Girafarig backwards)
Proud Achievements:
Hard Work! Full informative device: PokeDex complete on Pokemon X
They are alive!: Unfinished Living PokeDex on Pokemon X
Oooh Sparkles: Caught my first shiny Plusle with MY OT
First Shiny with Masuda Method on X: Shiny Sentret 4ivs with a whopping 152 eggs!

I am trying to get in to competitive, I sometimes do EV training.. but I have no interest in IV training.  I do like shinies, but shiny hunting isn't my thing although I often try to chain Pokemon, do random encounters,spam hordes and etc.
About me: I am 14 years old. My B'day is on August 9th.
I have been playin Pokemon since 2006-2007.
Fwends List:(If I dun say hai to you or I just say : (your username) o3o~ that means ur a really awesome fwend :) )
FancyGreninja: lol fiancee. Now I have fiancee
ehesister: The Girl who wubs pearlshipping. Yay!
Mega Kang: Why do I always evolve?
ShyGuyofJustice/Arcazeus: PRAISE ARCEUS/ Keldeo! :O Please I'm too mature for my age, I still remember when I was 12(which wasn't that long ago_
ShaiShai8: Randommm Squaaddd!
( (She my best friend xD)TinyTogepi: le clones are real xD : P
We frigin have the opposite siblings xD
She has a 11 yr old bro and a 5 yr old sis
I got a 11 yr old sis and 5 yr old bro xD)
LeafeonLol: No I Like Vapereon
Demat: It IS a Secret!

Suggest me a Shiny to breed and if you are lucky... I might give it to...  YOU! :D
woah woah just found out i was copying a few people on this list thingy lol sorry xD
Shiny Pokemon I found (Note: These are the ones with MY OTs):
Plusle(I got it with a chain of 2 on PokeRadar :o I  got lucky)
Sentret(156 eggs with MM gave it to toge got a shiny Shinx in return :D)
Shiny Torchic with 5ivs! (After 24 eggs woo :D)
Currently Hunting:
Shiny Poochyena(fek ya Route 101 NPC who keeps breaking my chainn :/)
Shiny Treecko (300 Eggs no luck :c)

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evs are 252 special attack 252 speed 4 health
52 minutes ago by Pisc
You changing that username or are you staying old school?
22 hours ago by TwoStepsFromHell
Hello Frog Boi
1 day ago by LeafeonLol>:D
kero u dummy! :D
4 days ago by Sweet Seraphimon
(During increment time)
Boss: Let's see it you're worthy of promotion or not. If you drop 1 brick from an aeroplane made up of 50 bricks, how many are left?

Employee: That's easy, 49 bricks sir.

Boss: What are the three steps to put an elephant in a fridge?

Employee: Open the fridge door. Put the elephant in. Close the door.

Boss: What are the four steps to put a deer in a fridge?

Employee: Open the door. Take out the elephant. Put in the deer. Close the fridge.

Boss: It's the lions birthday. All animals went except one. Why?

Employee: Because the deer was in the fridge.

Boss: An old lady is wanting to cross a river full of crocodiles. She manages it alive and well. Why?

Employee: Because the crocodiles were at the lion's birthday.

Boss: Last question. In the end, the lady still dies. Why?

Employee: That um... sir... it's because um... I guess she drowned... err...

Boss: No! She was hit by the brick fallen from the aeroplane. That's the problem, you are not focused on your job... you may leave now!!!

Moral: If your boss has decided to screw you, no matter how much you prepare you will be screwed
Jan 14 by Awesome BlaZiKen
=.= bored
Jan 8 by diamondroseangel
The luckiest shiny I ever bred was a 5iv missing SpA Adamant Meditite with psycho cut drain punch and fake out on my 4th egg o3o
Jan 6 by The Trapinchinator
Jan 3 by gengarchomp
Lol XD
Jan 3 by Carebears123
I'm using your character
Jan 3 by gengarchomp