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Member for: 5 months (since Oct 28, 2013)
Type: Registered user
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Gender: male
Country: Israel
Favorite Pokémon: Typhlosion and Metagross
Friend Codes: IGN: Terlor
Friend Safari: Ice-Sneasel, Snorunt and Piloswine

3DS/X-3411-1494-2095- I have every starter Pokèmon.
**Legendaries**- Kyurem, Cresselia, Regigigas, Giratina, Virizion, Cobalion, Yveltal, Zygarde, Suicune, Mew, Jirachi, Mewtwo, Registeel and Phione

**Shinies**-Tyrantrum, Golem, Butterfree (OT Terlor), Blastoise, Metagross, Exeggutor, Swampert (OT Terlor), Scrafty. Honedge, Trevenant (OT Terlor),Charmander (level100 :/ ), Luvdisc, Lucario,Wingull (OT Terlor).

Looking for- Shiny Cyndaquil/evo
                           Shiny  Totodile/evo

White 1-1464-8728-7703
About me: My Orc name is Seregruthon (courtesy of Celegnis)

STEEL gym: ***Under Construction***

future team: Lucario, Excadrill, Metagross, Aegislash, Empoleon and mega Mawile
 (when battling dont bring a Fire/Fighting/Ground team because that wont be any fun)

1. No Ubers (teams are OU).
2. Single Battles only.
3. All Pokemon must Meet Flat Ruling Standards.

My top ten favourite Pokemon are:
#1. Cyndaquil+

My sentence of the year (2014): "Australia should'nt have been found." -Candy  |March 12, 2014|

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Excadrill is on my ground team
2 days ago by #Mega Pinsir
Does that mean I beat the Steel type gym ;)?
Using a Poison team too :P
5 days ago by Dan
Ok I don't use mega aggron anyway
Mar 30 by #Mega Pinsir
well dragoon, i would take an Aggronite or Heracrossite
Mar 30 by Terlor
What do you want for the pinsirite?
Mar 29 by #Mega Pinsir
*Courtesy* :3
Mar 9 by ※∞Elvinity∞※
I've added you but it seems that you haven't added me yet.
1392 5443 4986 <----My FC
Mar 6 by ZekromMaster
Thx for the FC! Can't wait to trade!!! What's you ign? Mines Brianna
Mar 5 by Carebears123
Note to self- add on Skype "masterdante100"
Mar 3 by Terlor