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Successfully predicted Mega-Sableye but a bit disappointed with the design.
Jun 15 by The Big Fudge
New Mega-Evolutions are expected in the new Gen 3 remakes coming in November and I personally want Mega-Breloom.

It is already a good Pokemon with a good moveset for competitive battling and useful abilities #poisonheal but it's design makes it look like the second evolution on a 3 Pokemon evolution line. I wouldn't mind seeing it get a stat boost in ATK and SPE/DEF and SP.DEF with a bulky design that makes it fit in with the BIG fighting types #Machamp #Hariyama #Emboar #Conkeldurr #Chesnaught #Pangoro.
Jun 10 by The Big Fudge
Does this Nuzlocke Challenge variation (Gymlocke) have any problems?

This is a *Nuzlocke Challenge* that *I* have invented of which each rule is linked to gyms/gym leader's in the games (*Gymlocke*), that is made easier in some ways and harder in others. I want people to tell me if certain rules need altering, removing or adding. Please tell me how good/bad this Nuzlocke Challenge variation is by posting your views on my wall under the title 'GYMLOCKE'. Thank you.

**Gymlocke Challenge:**

 1. The *final* evolution of all Pokemon that participate in battles must have a *common* type (i.e. you must pick your gym's type).
 2. If a starter Pokemon is *not* part of your team then you have to trade it  - as soon as possible - for a Pokemon of the *same* level or *lower*.
 3. Only the *first* Pokemon found on a route can be caught.
 4. *One* Pokemon that has been caught can be traded after every gym victory.
 5. If you *blackout* then you hand over your gym badge and so lose.
 6. Being a gym leader you *cannot* avoid from battles and therefore may not flee, use repels, use escape ropes or dig.
 7. In battle you are allowed to use *one* HP restoring item and *one* status healing item per Pokemon (A full restore counts as both).
 8. When facing a gym leader, elite 4 member or the champion, all your Pokemon must be the *same* level or *lower* than their highest levelled Pokemon and you are not allowed more Pokemon than them.
 9. Gym battle rules dictate that you may *not* switch the Pokemon in play except via moves (e.g. baton pass or U-turn).
 10. You *cannot* use any type of revive.
 11. *All* Pokemon must be given a nickname.

Some things need to be explained:

-This Nuzlocke Challenge variation is not viable for early generations in which there were not enough Pokemon to have a well-rounded mono play-through team so this is more likely a possibility for the 4th generation games onwards.
- Rule 5. is an alteration of the rule 'If a Pokemon faints then it is dead/cannot be used/put in the graveyard box etc.' because it makes more sense with the gym leader theme - if you lose a battle then you lose your title - and because a game with Pokemon of a common type is challenging because of common team weaknesses and difficulty to beat certain gym leaders in-game.
- I understand that the need to trade Pokemon to get a good team defeats the point of rule 3. but this seems to be a necessary alteration to the rules of a normal Nuzlocke Challenge for this gymlocke to be good.
- Rule 10. is necessary because Pokemon that faint can still be used.

Anything that seems wrong about the rules that can be explained - thus there is no need to change, remove or add a rule - will be added to this list of 'Some things need to be explained:' as a wall post.

[Thanks Scizornician for the explanation as to why this couldn't be posted as a question.]
Jun 10 by The Big Fudge
Your question was hidden because it would of given an opinionated answer which isn't allowed on the Pokebase. You can only ask questions on the Pokebase that will give you a known answer that factual. I suggest you post your Gymlocke idea on your profile here and ask people to rate it that way as the post fits in nowhere on the 3 sections of this site.
Jun 10 by Scizornician
Finally a GRA-DRA dual-type Pokemon... even if it is a Mega Evolution #Mega-Sceptile. Interesting ability #Lighting Rod. Other dual types I'm wanting are ICE-STE and POI-FIR.
Jun 9 by The Big Fudge