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Gender: Robocop (Anti-Batman)
Country: Australia (in recession)
Favorite Pokémon: Hydreigon Salamence Hippowdon Talonflame Kyogre Rayquaza Swampert and Mightyena
Friend Codes: Legend of The Cryptids is the only thing I play online lately

LOC: Atar_7E3j

Showdown: Some Pimp, Death Rider, Young Reezy,etc

Twitch: GodofPsychowar (Random name I came up with so Deal with k?k)

Xbox Live: SatanicWarl0ck (Yet another random name o3e)

PlayStation Network: TBA
About me: I might come back 4 a little while so here what's happening :NOT MUCH AT ALL k? K I like Anime here and there  such as Gundam 00,Gundam Seed,Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5D's,Zoids New Century Zero, and Vampire Knight.Mainstream Animes bore me to death because quite frankly they're overated,and tedious with the exception of Gundam Attack On Titan and Sword Art Online.

Nintendo WII-U and E3 2014: Nintendo in all honesty dissapointed me throughly due to them being out classed by Sony and Microsoft's Lineup with games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition,Alien Isolation and Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain.Other than MK8 which really isn't that good and Starfox  which has been announced I don't know if they showed a released date or not but that's off topic,as I was trying to get at Nintendo WII-U hasn't got many Decent games No offence Nintendo Fanboys but its the truth.

Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear 5 Rant:With the upcoming Metal Gear set to be released Q4 this year and the recently shown E3 Trailer which really annoyed the hell out of me cause seriously making some big trailer which is s'posed to show how Big Boss cares about his fallen brothers as well as the living  and then at the end saying Coming:1984.Like what the hell be straight with the Fans cause some of us,Have played everyone of the games and really feking enjoyed them for crying out loud saying 1984 instead of a goddamn year,month and date will not make the game more enjoyable because if you wait too long to get something you don't enjoy as much in my opinion.

PS4 Vs Microsoft Xbox One rant: Xbox One a console advertised on the news when first in development and at E3 2013 has now become run down by the Playstation 4 which has less but higher qualityconsole-exclusive where as Xbox has what 13 console exclusives? Microsoft has been shoving money up the devs alley for a super powered goddamn computer not a games console.Playstation 4 doesn't worry as much about freakin Apps and that other bs it focuses on games and making the player have a decent experience.where as Xbox One players are all like "Oh fak me this game ***** Saks I'm a go waste money on Facebook games and Ebay so when buying a next gen console please put into  this perspective Xbox One a $500 dollar brick with apps littered everywhere,and Ps4 a Console with a bit more design and more powerful hardware with less exclusive games but more quality.

Is Batman OP rant: Well over the years a superherowith no powers has become very popular that's right Batman a dude in funny looking suit made of god knows what sporting all kinds of technology in a utility belt which certainly could not carry the stuff Batman carrys around with him.Lemme just shed some light on something,nearly every super villain he fights seems like they're gonna ve the unbeatable one but then suddenly Batman comes up with some fancy-ass technological breakthrough which is guaranteed to be his villain counterparts weakness,and god Batman has had Catwoman hit on him so many times and scratched his eyes out and strangled him might I add (Injustice: Gods Among Us Batman's 2nd Chapter and in Mortal Kombat vs DC universes which I agreed to never speak about again might I add) I just feel if Batman would have gotten a bat based superpower it might have justified it a little bit. But anyway I must implore to my rant readers this is just my opinion no one has to agree.

Is PewDiePie overpayed? Hell yes he is $4 mil per year is just insane for some unemployed (Don't quote me on the unemployed bit because I'm just going off faulty memory)guy who dropped out of university due to the fact he didn't like what he was studying for,SMH.But as I must add some people just get really lucky and develope a large fanbase on youtube but that leaves the little LP'ers who don't do modern or have only just started in the dust, another point I might add is that other gaming commentary based youtubers have no right to call him talentless (Though yes some of his videos are just pointless garbage)but Gaming LP'ers are doing the same thing so that class as being talentless also but those with college and school commitments don't fall in that catergory because they're applying themselves to something qq. But anyway thanks for reading tho a little random qq.

Thank you the reader for spending your time reading my rants because at least I've put my things in perspective and someone gives a damn.

Favorite Ecetera list

Favorite 360 game: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Favorite Xbone game:Dead Rising 3 (yet to get watched it via Youtube LP'er o3e)

Favorite PS4 game: inFAMOUS Second Son (Short story  yes but new DLC is coming out next month iirc)

Favorite PS Vita game: Mortal Kombat (Reptile <3)

Favorite  Artist: Skrillex

Favorite Skrillex Album: Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites

Favorite Song: Cats in the Cradle (Ugly kid Joe Version)

Favorite Movie: From Eden (If I remember correctly that's what it was called btw it's old movie)

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Bout time you went back to kaname
44 minutes ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
No offense... xD
9 hours ago by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Some maainstream (or at least semi-mainstream) animes aren't anywhere overrated or tedious if you like the style. I understand perhaps not liking long ones, but stuff like Fairytail, Black Butler, Death Note are definitely not overrated :P. FMA is another mainstream one that's pretty badass.
2 days ago by Graveyard Shift
Lol he want really hard, did you see how long his text was just to prove me wrong(even tho i dont think i am wrong)
Jul 22 by Arcazeus
What you mean shutdown scrub?
Jul 22 by Arcazeus
Ur name was kaname?
Jul 18 by Carebears123
go back to kaname
Jul 9 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Not much. Just trying to set up my life and get ready for school again.
Jul 7 by DarkTyphlosion
>____> sure...
Jul 6 by Hsiao
;-; but but i like calling you kana-kuuuun
Jul 3 by Hsiao