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Gender: dude
Country: norway
Favorite Pokémon: meygikarp
Friend Codes: 4828-4969-4181
About me: My name is bob and I'm 7 year old
best ladder rating: #8 in gen 5 NU with 1436 points.
when i try to post screenshots it just comes up "Error: you must use spaces in here." wasn't sure what that meant, soooo….
blitz' mega meganium sprite :3 http://i.imgur.com/wVCOh8S.png
me in a nutshell:
"You are an Snorlax, You Eat and sleep nothing more no exersise just eat-sleep, eat-sleep day after day, no wonder you get so fat you hardly burn away everything you eat!."
 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

%Sempiternus: dr dude is already really good

For RMTs:

Hi, Its a cool team you have there! That said, you are absurdly (type) weak. (Threat) and (threat) completely 6-0 you, as you have zero switch-ins to (move). (Type) is also very threatening, with (threat) and (threat) easily denting your entire team with (move). Your team also lacks a (role), meaning you have nothing to (task), and (miscellaneous) simply steamrolls you. Overall, this is an ok team, but it needs a lot of work.
Indigo just spam upvoted CWegz! Not lying!
commented 52 minutes ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!

commented 41 minutes ago by Ninja

Ninja, don't bother. CW was on something like 8990, Indigo upvoted once to get him to 9000 as a celebration.
commented 17 minutes ago by Graveyard Shift

yeah, thats a real crime in opposite of ca 600 spam votes
commented 15 minutes ago by dOkTorR (ツ) d00D?   

I have decided to ban Cwegz for getting upvoted.
You may now hide this question, as the problem has been resolved.
commented 9 minutes ago by trachy

laughed harder than i have ever done

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Finally passed you once again
Aug 14 by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Ice, Fighting and Ground have SE coverage on 519 pokes
Aug 14 by sid13
That about me just made my day xD
Jul 22 by Young Reezy
Jul 9 by dOkTorR (ツ) d00D?
The team worked!! Thank you so much!!
Jun 13 by SylveonLover456
On showdown
Jun 11 by SylveonLover456
OK, I just want one sweet victory
Jun 11 by SylveonLover456
Can you try rating my team now??
Jun 11 by SylveonLover456
Ik that's why I didn't take your others down. Though if your gonna rate a team rate it fully.
Jun 10 by $tarPower