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Country: United States (Sinnoh.... I wish...)
Favorite Pokémon: Glaceon,Tepig, Togekiss, Turtwig, Piplup, Roserade, Budew, Leafeon, Espeon,Umbreon, and Eevee!
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About me: I don't know about you guys, but my favorite gen. is the 4th gen, Diamond and Pearl. I got Diamond Version and I loved it. I beat the Elite Four (1 time.)  The first Pokemon Game I got was Yellow Version, but since I couldn't save, I got Pokemon White Version for Christmas. Later on I got Diamond, and finally I got X!

                                                                             "No need to worry!"

Just to let you know... I love Dawn! Go Dawn!

So as a Dawn fan, I thought of a ship that goes with Dawn and I finally decided to choose to be a full-time Pearlshipper! Pearlshippers support Dawn and Ash as a couple. I also support Contestshipping which supports May and Drew as a couple.

Hey people! By now you know I play Pokemon! The thing is, I don't know what "EV training" is or I don't EV or IV train none of my Pokemon. So when I get a compitition or battle online, I use the Pokemon I raised without "EV or IV" training them. That might explain why I lose a lot against really strong players who DO EV or IV train their Pokemon. But hey, I do pretty go without it.

Also as a girl gamer, I also enjoy Super Smash Bros! Legend of Zelda looks like a good game so might check it out. And if you didn't know by now, I love Pokemon!

Just in case your a Dawn hater or a Sinnoh hater, here a video that just might change your mind:

Sinnoh fans unite!

ATTENTION PEARLSHIPPERS! (And other ships too I guess?)
There's this one website http://pearlshipping-vault.boards.net/ that is an awesome pearlshipping fanbase! I recommend going there to have a fun time. I'm member there too (Unsername: Ehesister) so feel free to check out my profile other there!

I can't believe it! I have a Ditto (Normal) friend safari! If you are interested in getting a Ditto please let me know! ;)

I will be trading away Togepi, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Turtwig, Villion, Ponyta, Shinx and Piplup eggs in Pokemon X and Y. So if you are interested in getting one, please leave you "in game name", friend code (opinion). If you would like to see if a have another Pokemon you want, please leave a comment so I can tell if you if I can trade with you.  If you have a Pokemon you need/want, leave a request on my wall and I will try to find it for you. As always enjoy your self! :)

-------♥♥------PUT THIS ----♥♥-♥♥----RIBBON ---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR ---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF ---♥♥---♥♥---YOUR'E ----♥♥-♥♥----AGAINST -----♥♥♥------ANIMAL ----♥♥-♥♥----ABUSE ---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

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And Hoenn is my favorite region. Not to put you down or anything but Sinnoh comes 5th out of 6th. Anyways hai! :)
4 days ago by It's a secret!
So. What's up? Oh, get on chat please. I'm pretty active there.
4 days ago by It's a secret!
Wassup? We have never talked before so hi! :D
Wanna be fwends?
Sep 24 by It's a secret!
Amazing! When can i read it!?
Sep 23 by Shy Guy of Justice
I finished it!
Sep 23 by ehesister
I edited some grammar errors.. hope I helpe! :) lol. Just capitalized some things like : Dawn, PokePuffs and Poffins.
Sep 5 by Keromatsu
~~~ Flashback~~~
     There I was, outside the Cyllage City gym with my shiny new gym badge. Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena were outside as well with the Gym Leader of this city, Grant. He wanted me to have a rematch with him at the battle chateau. I agreed. There was nothing better than getting stronger by battling tougher opponents. Serena came up to me, telling me that if I wanted to battle Grant at the Battle Chateau, I would need to become a grand duke.
~~~ End of Flashback~~~
    That is my goal, my new goal that is. Even since I lost in the Kalos League, I was even more determined to become the Grand Duke. I ran up the stairs of this majestic building, hearing the others telling me to slow down. No way was I going to stop, not now. I’m so close! Finally I have arrived at the entrance. I am greeted by two servants who introduce me and answered a few questions I had: like how to become a grand duke.  At this point, Clement, Bonnie, and Serena had come over where I was standing.  Now I know that to become the grand duke, you must battle the grand duchess and win. I asked one of the servants if I could battle the grand duchess now. She told me to please excuse her but the grand duchess is busy at the moment.   I wasn’t going to take no as an answer.
    “Grand duchess I challenge you to a battle!” I yelled, hoping she hear me.
I ran up the rows of stairs and I saw it, no, more like I saw her.  She was wearing a gown that matched her sapphire eyes. But then I wondered, didn’t I see those eyes before? Before I can think about it more she interrupted me.
“It is I, the Grand Duchess of this Chateau, who challenges me? Wait…aren’t you….?” She stated.  
“I challenge you! I should introduce myself then. I’m Ash Ketchem from Pallet Town.”
“Ash? Is that really you?” She asked.
I was thinking: How does she know me?! Than it clicked, she must be….
“Hey I’m Serena! And how might you be?” Serena blustered out, getting me out of my thoughts.
“I’m Dawn from Twinleaf Town, in the Sinnoh region.” She responded.
Bonnie ran up to her and introduced herself as Bonnie and her brother as Clemont. Then she asked if Dawn would take care of her brother for her. For some reason I felt anger go through myself.  Dawn sweat dropped, clearly caught off guard by the request. So now there were three of us: Serena, Dawn, and I. I walked up to Dawn.
“Dawn! It is very great to see you again! What are you doing here? How did you become Grand Duchess?” I asked as we high-fived.  I noticed Serena flinch a little.
“Ash, I can’t believe you’re here! Well to answer all your questions, let’s all of us have some lunch in my office.” She replied.
“Well me and Ash have things to do so we can’t! Oh well! See ya!” Serena yelled out while pushing me out the door. I was a bit surprised. I had nothing planned today but to come here and become grand duke. Besides I always have time to catch up with Dawn again. She was the only one who really understood me.
“Serena, let go of me! I not busy so I might as well check up on Dawn again. Besides, you can get to meet her too! She’s a really good friend of mine.”
Serena, who was shocked, let go of me and sent Dawn a look. Which be the way Dawn reacted, (sticking her tongue out at her) must not been well. We followed Dawn through these bronze doors and bam, in her office! Though I think “office” is not the word. More like the lounge of a palace! In the center of the room were soft couches. One of each side of the table, who was ordained with a bowl of poffins (a treat native to the Sinnoh region) made by Dawn herself. It also had a vase containing a bouquet of roses which had a small note attached to it. Dawn told us to make ourselves at home and to eat whatever we’ll like. She got a silver platter and placed it on the table. On the dish was all the food you can think of. She excused herself and went to her room at the back of the office. As Serena ate the food, I decided to take a look at the letter on the roses:
"Dawn I know you are busy now as the grand duchess but maybe you’ll have some time to come meet me in the garden at nightfall? I can’t wait to see you again.  
I couldn’t finish reading it because Dawn came back was headed this way! I quickly put the memo back and stuffed some food in my mouth. I was sort mad now though. Someone loves Dawn! This got me in a bad mood and I didn’t know why! When Dawn came back she no longer had her gown but her normal attire from when she traveled in Sinnoh with Brock and I. I tried to act normal and I said:
“Hey Dawn this food sure is good!” I said while grabbing another handful of food and tossing it into my mouth.
“Hey Ash it isn’t polite to speak with your mouth open! Anyways Dawn, what are those pink things?”  
“Serena they are poffins. Poffins are Pokémon treats made in Sinnoh. I made the ones on the table myself.”  Dawn explained.
“Yeah! I ate a few and they are great as always, Dawn!” I told her and I noticed she turned away from me, like she doesn’t want me to see something.
“Ash, you ate some of my PokePuffs, which do you, think is better my PokePuffs or Dawn’s poffins?!” Serena asked me, which by the looks of it, like she was jealous of Dawn!
“Well Serena to tell ya the truth- I knew it Ash! You really like my PokePuffs!”
“Sorry but no, sure they’re good but not as Dawn’s Poffins.”
“Whhhhaaat?! Hmm then I guess you had a cold and couldn’t taste the amazing flavor of my PokePuffs!”
Sep 5 by Keromatsu
Yea sure also on the 3DS lol :) I meant the Friends list on my bio.
Sep 5 by Keromatsu
(ehe)sister are you okay if I add you to my fwends list?
Sep 5 by Keromatsu
Lol, have you seen that episode, when Lyra asks Dawn(Dane) if Ash is her boyfriend? xD
Sep 5 by Keromatsu