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Favorite Pokémon: Glaceon,Tepig, Togekiss, Turtwig, Piplup, Roserade, Budew, Leafeon, Espeon,Umbreon
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About me: I don't know about you guys, but my favorite gen. is the 4th gen, Diamond and Pearl. I got Diamond Version and I loved it. I beat the Elite Four (1 time.)  The first Pokemon Game I got was Yellow Version, but since I couldn't save, I got Pokemon White Version for Christmas. Later on I got Diamond, and finally I got X!

Just to let you know... I love Dawn! Go Dawn!

So as a Dawn fan, I thought of a ship that goes with Dawn and I finally decided to choose to be a full-time Pearlshipper! Pearlshippers support Dawn and Ash as a couple. I also support Contestshipping which supports May and Drew as a couple.

Hey people! By now you know I play Pokemon! The thing is, I don't know what "EV training" is or I don't EV or IV train none of my Pokemon. So when I get a compitition or battle online, I use the Pokemon I raised without "EV or IV" training them. That might explain why I lose a lot against really strong players who DO EV or IV train their Pokemon. But hey, I do pretty go without it.

Also as a girl gamer, I also enjoy Super Smash Bros! Legend of Zelda looks like a good game so might check it out. And if you didn't know by now, I love Pokemon!

Just in case your a Dawn hater or a Sinnoh hater, here a video that just might change your mind:

Sinnoh fans unite!

I will be trading away Togepi, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Turtwig, Villion, Ponyta, Shinx and Piplup eggs in Pokemon X and Y. So if you are interested in getting one, please leave you "in game name", friend code (opinion). If you would like to see if a have another Pokemon you want, please leave a comment so I can tell if you if I can trade with you.  If you have a Pokemon you need/want, leave a request on my wall and I will try to find it for you. As always enjoy your self! :)

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I had to take down my favorite/friends list on my profile, but I am very happy to be friends with all of you! :)
Jul 14 by ehesister
I'm back with a brand new, fresh start! I would like to start back up by asking a few questions..
Jul 13 by ehesister
Please answer this poor question! :(
Jul 2 by ehesister
My mvp <3
It's been a huge favoutrite of mine for well... no reason :D
I just liked it, even before I saw the flinch rates
Jun 30 by Qwerty Zoom
Ok that's fine! If you ever in need of a certain Pokemon, I'll try to find it for you! :)
Jun 30 by ehesister
I made a new profile, so I think i'll just box the whole Vulpix idea. Sorry.
Jun 30 by CreeperGamer82
I will get another Skrelp and try again.
Jun 15 by CreeperGamer82
Gaaah!!! I got the wrong Vulpix! DANG!
Jun 15 by CreeperGamer82
Just added you, going to try to find that Vulpix. Thanks!
Jun 15 by CreeperGamer82