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Wall for fondant

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That's all I've got :I
Apr 16 by MrKijani
Emolga be Mad bro
Apr 6 by Stay_Silent
More sassy emolgas. It never gets old :)
Apr 3 by Generekt
It's staring into my soul...
Mar 30 by Stay_Silent
Your Gravatar isn't Emolga.
That bothers me.
Mar 30 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Oh good :)
What do you suppose it thinks about my Charmander though O.o?
Mar 28 by MrKijani
I have been judged by your gravatar. Mind letting me know what it thinks?
Mar 17 by MrKijani
Starly > Emolga

Mar 11 by Lust
You're gonna get ahead of me on meta soon o.O

Btw hurry up and get editor already would ya?kthanks
Feb 26 by Stay_Silent
Imo the Devil's number should be 7 because 7 is manipulative, and it also means that the Devil's number is a prime number which seems a bit cooler.

And how is the Devil's number 616?
Feb 26 by MrKijani