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Wall for fondant

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why u hide everything thats mine?
Mar 6 by *MEGA* BLaziken
Mar 4 by Infernal♕Crown(twig)
I, late. Congrats on the Editor!! :)
Feb 26 by ItsGuillotine
Sorry for being late, but Congrats on becoming Editor! :)
Feb 25 by Sophisticles
google may be my freind but pokemon is my family. ^_^
Feb 23 by dia-sama
fondant you should use the server so I can give u cancer :>

Feb 22 by MonoUmbreon
Hey Fondant, can you shoot me your email via Server or something so I can give you access to the ban report form?
Feb 21 by Sempiternus
Late gj, but editors are just baby mods with no power, sorry :c

Also SAO is teh gr8est aminay ever, i mean u have gothic sword jesus rek villians such as irish butterfly satan and he saves bae

What can go wrong with that? :^)

(Visit us on the server more often ;_; we talk about animaymays and dank memes)
Feb 20 by Lusty
Kinda did, but not really a fuss imo. Too busy gaming.
Feb 19 by Sempiternus
There are no problems with anime >:O
and congratz on editor too c;
Feb 14 by Sempiternus