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Member for: 1 year (since Jun 10, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: GUESS
Country: America
Favorite Pokémon: Giratina, Staraptor, Genesect, Swampert, Absol, Skarmory
Friend Codes: Black 2 Friend Code: 1979-7979-7967 Name: Shadow
I have White but... i lost it.   ;-;
About me: I started playing Pokémon when i was 8 in 2008, (i know, it was late) I got a ds lite with Pokémon Pearl during christmas, i was confused at first but when i started playing it i instantly fell in love with it, to this day i have gotten all the games that have come out. My first Pokémon was a Piplup, and i had the strongest Empoleon and i could beat everyone in my school, but sadly i let my friend borrow my Empoleon so he could beat the elite 4 but he never gave it back, he said he "lost" his game...... pretty sad story. But i did manage to save the rest of my original Pokémon by putting them in SS before my save file corrupted.

Owned games:
Gen I: none..................
Gen II: Crystal
Gen III: Used to have Emerald, but lost it. ;-;
Gen IV: Pearl, Diamond, Platinum (save file always corrupts,. (Platinum is all time favorite, I love the 4th gen)
Gen V: White, Black 2
Gen VI: Y, X

Instagram: GlitchedGiratina

I will be changing my username to GlitchedGiratina


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;-; Come back online. I miss you.
Nov 3, 2013 by Jellohamster