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Gender: I am a man
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: All Legendaries of Water and Ice pokemon. Now, I am very desperatefor mew, celbi, sprittomb, darki, shyman , andArus!!!!
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About me: I am going to return to community college and finnish to start off. I am Catholic. I am sopfomore but I am really a freshman. I have decided that I am working in major in Mathematics and Minor in Chimistry . I have also decided that I am going to Texas A&M become the best math teacher.I am at Blinn now and I amost finnish at Blinn and start in the process of transfering!!!!!!!. After Texas A&M, I am going to transfer to Sam Houstion State to get a Masters Degree in Science in Chemistry. That way, I be certified in Math and Chemisrty.

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I just got a jirachi and a arceas. I also got a shiny vivillion. Is there anything new with you?
3 hours ago by Carebears123
13 hours ago by Carebears123
I will :), although 1st & 3rd 9 weeks are when my grades are the highest, I usually get lazy and make low A's. :P I usually flunk tests and make it up in a rush before report cards which results in my 92-90 average. First Nine weeks I usually have 96-99 averages, I plan to make these grades year round this time. But it can be exhausting, as I am the oldest of five it is very hard doing homework and playing with them like they want me to.
20 hours ago by Sophisticles
I've just been a tad busy getting ready for the schoolyear this fall, so I haven't been around as much. I'm still alive and all though, don't worry.
2 days ago by DarkTyphlosion
My day was great! How was yours?
2 days ago by Carebears123
I call it a "japan diancie" because a diancie distribution has already begun in japan and japan only. I just happened to get my hands on one. Knowone knows when the distribution will begin for the rest of the world, but when it does I will have 2 diancie!!!
2 days ago by Carebears123
I dont consider myself any of those, but my family is country. :)
3 days ago by Sophisticles
3 days ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Uh, sure man, like FCs?
3 days ago by &Psychic x
I got japan diancie!!!! Finally
3 days ago by Carebears123