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Member for: 1 year (since Mar 28, 2013)
Type: Registered user
Gender: I am a man
Country: USA
Favorite Pokémon: All Legendaries of Water and Ice pokemon. Now, I am very desperatefor mew, celbi, sprittomb, darki, shyman , andArus!!!!
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About me: I am going to return to community college and finnish to start off. I am Catholic. I am sopfomore but I am really a freshman. I have decided that I am working in major in Mathematics and Minor in Chimistry . I have also decided that I am going to Texas A&M become the best math teacher.I am at Blinn now and I amost finnish at Blinn and start in the process of transfering!!!!!!!. After Texas A&M, I am going to transfer to Sam Houstion State to get a Masters Degree in Science in Chemistry. That way, I be certified in Math and Chemisrty.

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hi long time no see :)
Nov 19 by Carebears123
It'll be alright :) Just continue hanging on and you'll make it :)
Sep 28 by Sophisticles
Well Sheep Man was a Final Boss FYI
Sep 24 by Legend Of Lotad
Hi SheepMan,nice name you got there
Sep 18 by Legend Of Lotad
I actually don't start school until January
Aug 26 by &Shining Yin
I'm not in school yet XD
Aug 25 by The Trapinchinator
Pretty, intense. I've had a week of intense studies for a few reexams this week, so the actual classes haven't started yet xP
Not to worried though, the autumn seems to have some really interesting courses. When do you start school again?
Aug 25 by Flafpert
Aug 24 by Pado00405
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Aug 19 by Sir Dan
Happy to hear you've done so well man :)
Aug 7 by MrKijani