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Wall for tazzie (page 1)

Feb 10 by hotcakes
Feb 4 by tazzie
Grats on 1000 points ;D
Feb 4 by hotcakes
Jan 25 by Kronos
I'm Once and I can answer the country question =D

He lives in Florida with meeeeee =D
Jan 19 by hotcakes
Jan 9 by tazzie
Dot because nothing better to post here but I did want to post something so you get a dot.
Nvm, three dots and a comma
Jan 7 by MrKijani
Rated your team from a long time ago: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/28018/rate-my-uu-team
Happy new years btw
Jan 1 by Dr.Flame
Sorry about the team tazzie I've been plagued with internet issues and christmas cheer. I'll try to meet you on showdown soon
Dec 26, 2013 by Ludicobro