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you should give me your nintendo network id so we can be wii u buddies :D
4 hours ago by hotcakes
Anybody know a place to watch Legend of Korra Seasons 2-3 for free?
Amazon has only the first season. And gogoanime has this huge audio problem that gives a constant crackling noise.
6 hours ago by trachy
Urgh. That's my 1pm. I'll be at school, and the server is a blocked site there. I'll see if I can grab a TAFE account for a bit to talk, but apart from that;
I don't see any other way to get in touch with you apart from this;
In the comments of this post http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/52803/time-capsule-tournament-round-2-matches-due-by-august-30th?show=52850#a52850 I wrote my email and hid it. You should be able to see it. I'd appreciate if you sent me an email when you saw it.
22 hours ago by Sempiternus
So I'm watching Legend of Korra, thinking to myself "Man, I really hope they do more blood-bending. The one episode in Last Airbender that had it was really awesome."

What do I get? Freaking blood-bending. I am so happy right now. :DDDD
23 hours ago by trachy
hey trach, would it be possible to get in contact with you over the server/email/something?
2 days ago by Sempiternus
Adam Baldwin (you know, the guy from Firefly) taking the side of gamers and blasting SJWs on twitter. <3
4 days ago by trachy
I love when people complain about the Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a good way to keep track of who should never be given money for anything.
4 days ago by trachy
4 days ago by trachy
Good old tabloids, chiding somebody for revealing personal information and then saying that it shouldn't be in the media... while writing an article on it.
5 days ago by trachy