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I'm leaving the site, at least for some amount of time. Could be a couple of weeks, a month, maybe I just will pop in to check on things, decide that things haven't changed, and not return. Unlikely, but possible.

A couple of reasons for this.

1. Users are acting like real jerks towards each other. Everybody is all high and mighty, looking down on those who are newer to the site. It's the sort of elitist attitude you would see on smogon, and I don't want to be a part of such a community. There's a lot of bile and hatred, and it just becomes disheartening to come onto the site each day and see another person banned, another person belittling another, another grudge formed.

2. Demotion from Leader to Mod on the server. Yeah, the handling of that was seriously terrible. It just reeks of incompetence. I take it as an insult, and I denounce Scizornician as an admin.
4 days ago by trachy
Magic 2015 looks... ew. It doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as Born of the Gods, but it is still fairly terrible.
Jul 11 by trachy
"How to Win at College"
1. Talk about the racism in the work.
2. Talk about the sexism in the work.
3. Profit.
Jul 7 by trachy
/tour create challenge cup 1vs1, roundrobin, 2
Jul 6 by trachy
Note to self: Remember to look for some John Wyndham books.
Jul 5 by trachy
Well, even more so than regular pirates. Regular pirates are already scummy enough as is, and tend to give idiotic excuses for why they pirate.
Jun 30 by trachy
People who pirate games because they don't like the company's business policy=idiots and scum.
Jun 30 by trachy
I hate Born of the Gods so much. It has a huge number of crap commons that are just completely worthless in draft.
Jun 29 by trachy
some people called you drunk. is this true?
Jun 29 by Toxicroak
9th season of X-Files might be not so good, but I still shed a tear with Jump the Shark.
Lone Gunmen. ;-;
Jun 28 by trachy