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hey trach, would it be possible to get in contact with you over the server/email/something?
21 hours ago by Sempiternus
Adam Baldwin (you know, the guy from Firefly) taking the side of gamers and blasting SJWs on twitter. <3
2 days ago by trachy
I love when people complain about the Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a good way to keep track of who should never be given money for anything.
3 days ago by trachy
3 days ago by trachy
Good old tabloids, chiding somebody for revealing personal information and then saying that it shouldn't be in the media... while writing an article on it.
3 days ago by trachy
I dry heaved when I read this. What the hell is wrong with people? Apparently my wanting journalistic integrity out of game's journalism is worse than cutting off the head off an actual respectable journalist.

5 days ago by trachy
And Frozen?! Again, awesome!
6 days ago by Umbreon9519
You like Dances With Wolves?! Your awesome!!! Thats one of my favorite movies!!! The wolf died! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 days ago by Umbreon9519
I demoted you completely because you said you weren't coming back, sorry :\ I just went through the alt list and removed a bunch of alts from staff.

I would have put you back to & if I was on, but I'm on a vacation, so I didn't catch you.
Aug 22 by Ninja
Before you start your little outrage, you should probably ask who demoted you first. http://prntscr.com/4ex1j4
Aug 21 by Scizornician