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The Tale of Princess Kaguya
Oct 17 by trachy
I actually agree with John Grisham. The punishment is too harsh for these people. Many can't help the way they feel. And it is difficult for them to receive help, since our society demonizes these people so harshly. So they turn to controlling their urges through these methods.
Oct 17 by trachy
Turns out the StopGamerGate Hashtag was a farce. A majority of the accounts that tweeted it were bots. Even an ISIS bot got in on it, which is hilarious considering George Reese and Devin Faraci comparing us to ISIS.
The tag is essentially dead now. http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/847936-gamergate#comments
Oct 15 by trachy
Dayum dem answers
Dets a lot
Oct 15 by It's a secret!
Also remember that the anti-GamerGate side refuse to meet the pro-GamerGate side for debate. We have been constantly asking for a moderated debate, and very few have answered the call. Even when they do answer the call, they drop out at the last minute (Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu).

They're obviously afraid of losing.
Oct 15 by trachy
Continue GamerGate. I don't give a damn about Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, or Brianna Wu. They're just random people trying to worm their way into the spotlight.

I care about people like Nathan Grayson and Leigh Alexander. People who lack journalistic integrity.

I care not for the Social Justice Agenda, it does not fall under my areas of concern. I laugh a bit at the lack of logic some of them exhibit, but outside of that I have nothing to do with them, outside a bit of my support for a woman's right to abortion. I care about global warming, media bias and ethical concerns, and censorship. And GamerGate was a cause I joined when I saw the mass censorship going on, and when Greg Tito confirmed that he ignored the facts in favor of promoting an agenda.

I will continue to support Gamergate until:
-Publications institute policies that either prevent people from reporting when there is a conflict of interest, disclose the conflict of interest, or have someone else on the staff report on the subject instead.
-Writers and editors no longer financially support developers.
-Gaming websites provide a platform for people to speak on gaming issues, rather than engaging in censorship.
-People in the gaming industry stop attacking their own consumers.

I also have the secondary goals of:
-Leigh Alexander, moviebob, Nathan Grayson, George Reese, and others who have participated in the harassment of gamers either issue an apology or are fired from their positions.
-Review scores are abolished.
-4chan is retaken in the name of free speech.

Check out Forbes, the Escapist, and TotalBiscuit for balanced coverage of GamerGate. If you have any questions about the GamerGate movement, please ask me. If you want to take part in the GamerGate movement, the best thing you can do is mail advertisers and try to get them to withdraw support from websites such as Kotaku, Polygon, and Gamasutra.
Oct 15 by trachy
Sociology, it's a pretty BS subject.
Oct 14 by trachy