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Wall for trachy (page 1)

Is it good or even worth reading?
Mar 9 by Sir_Mudkip
trachy, have you read "Colorado Kid"?
Mar 9 by Sir_Mudkip
It always pains me to see moderators who have no idea what they are doing. And it also makes me so glad that all the mods on Pokebase are so fantastic. <3
Mar 9 by trachy
Funny how a subscriber to a porn site dares to complain about iconic video game character Slyvanas Windrunner being "hypersexualized". I guess having midriff is hypersexualized now also. :/
Mar 8 by trachy
UC Irvine apparently has an incredibly stupid student council.
Mar 8 by trachy
Alright thanks, and yeah The Shining is really great.
Mar 7 by Jofly
TV shows and movies, i bet :D
Mar 6 by Fast Snail
Lol what are you talking about!!! FrankenWeenie? what?
Mar 6 by Fast Snail
What did you think about it? I just ordered it so I'm going to read it soon.
Mar 6 by Jofly
I'm tempted to watch CSI: Cyber just because I know that they'll have no idea what they're talking about and it will just be hilariously awful.
Mar 6 by trachy