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"Newell also said Valve is going to add a "pay what you want" option for modders who prefer to accept donations for their work, similar to the voluntary donations accepted by mod community Nexus Mods.
During the AMA, Nexus Mods founder Robin Scott asked what Valve would do if a game company limited modding only to Steam Workshop.
Newell responded that Valve is "pretty reluctant to tell any developer that they have to do something or they can't do something," but he added that were such a situation to arise, "we'd be happy to tell developers that we think they are being dumb."

I don't think this will save this whole situation but that last quote is pretty golden.
Apr 26 by Flafpert
Tiny Leaders is such a fan format for Magic the Gathering. Basically it is like Commander.  You have a General, and all your cards must be in that General's color identity. You can also only have one of each card, with the exception of basic lands and cards that say in their rules text that you can have as many copies as you want (such as Shadowborn Apostle). However, the big twist is that all cards in your deck for Tiny Leaders must have a converted mana cost of 3 or less. There are also some other rules, like having only 49 cards in the deck+the General. And starting with 25 life.
Apr 26 by trachy
Ah that stuff.
Apr 25 by Flafpert
Not a huge fan of the new Joker. In the past, Joker has always had some perverted class to him. This newest Joker looks more like a member of his gang, rather than the Clown Prince of Crime.
Apr 25 by trachy
Forbes putting out good gaming articles as they tend to do. This one sums up the problems with the new system Valve is using for Skyrim mods: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2015/04/24/valves-paid-skyrim-mods-are-a-legal-ethical-and-creative-disaster/

Most unfortunate consequence is in my opinion the splitting of a once united community. There are a lot of feuds and hatreds going on right now. Greed corrupts all that is good.
Apr 25 by trachy
If you don't want to support the shoddy practices of Valve, I suggest going on over to GOG. They're a fantastic site, offering much stronger customer support and allowing all games purchased on their site to be played DRM free. They are the business I'm rooting for to topple Steam's psuedo-monopoly.
Apr 24 by trachy
What happened ---V?
Apr 24 by Flafpert
Once again Valve decides to be incredibly anti-consumer. EA and Ubisoft rightly get a lot of hate for their horrible practices. I think it's about time we let go of the fanboying and start giving Valve some hate. They're a good developer, but they're a terrible store owner. Again, I just want to point out that EA's Origin has better customer service than Steam does.
Apr 24 by trachy
So the new Star Wars: Battlefront won't have a single player campaign, no Galactic Conquest, no space battles, and the AT-ATs are on rails. At this point I'm surprised they're even including multiplayer. F'ing EA.
Apr 22 by trachy
I'm up for some MtG shenanigans.
Apr 20 by Ninja