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Wall for trachy (page 1)

Good to see you're still around.
2 days ago by Young Reezy
Sort off. I just saw the book and liked the name, I didn't read the whole thing. I plan to, but I'm very busy, reading isn't really on my schedule.
2 days ago by Graveyard Shift
Got a Wii U (Mario and Luigi bundle), Mario Kart 8, a Wii U Pro Controller, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mr. Mercedes.
Also went to see Guardians of the Galaxy (awesome movie).

Pretty sweet birthday.
2 days ago by trachy
Wrote five essays in two days.
I am basically God.
6 days ago by trachy
Yo Trachy you still around?
Aug 12 by Young Reezy
Saw a feminist post complaining about how it was sexist that it is acceptable for men to go without shirts but it isn't for women. Then I see a feminist post complaining about revealing clothing of women in video games.

Jul 30 by trachy
/tour create challenge cup 1vs1, roundrobin, 2
Jul 6 by trachy
Note to self: Remember to look for some John Wyndham books.
Jul 5 by trachy
Well, even more so than regular pirates. Regular pirates are already scummy enough as is, and tend to give idiotic excuses for why they pirate.
Jun 30 by trachy
People who pirate games because they don't like the company's business policy=idiots and scum.
Jun 30 by trachy