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Wall for trachy (page 1)

I hate Born of the Gods so much. It has a huge number of crap commons that are just completely worthless in draft.
Jun 29 by trachy
some people called you drunk. is this true?
Jun 29 by Toxicroak
9th season of X-Files might be not so good, but I still shed a tear with Jump the Shark.
Lone Gunmen. ;-;
Jun 28 by trachy
Going to keep an eye on The Strain. Don't get many horror oriented TV shows.
Jun 28 by trachy
Jun 28 by trachy
This is an age where it is okay to have an article about a man buying bread that was sliced the wrong way. ;-;
Jun 27 by trachy
I just got my booster box of journey to Nyx and I got Ajani and Iroas foil o3o!
Jun 27 by Young Reezy
One of my Magic games from my last draft was just incredible.
So basically, I got a bad starting hand. Five lands, Quarry Colossus, and Mortal's Ardor. I was thinking "Hmmm, I'm sure to get a creature soon enough, and this way I won't have to risk being mana-starved from the mulligan" so I kept. No creatures for seven turns, and the only card I played was an Armament of Nyx I was forced to use. I was down to one life, they were still at 20. Turn seven I played Quarry Colossus, my first creature. Then I proceeded to use basically all the lifegain my deck had, managing to hold on long enough to bring out enough Flying creatures to win the game.

The very definition of a comeback. It was so awesome.
Jun 27 by trachy
Can you possibly explain X-Files to me ?
Jun 25 by Young Reezy
Netflix says "My Cat From Hell" is like Breaking Bad.
Cat has cancer, becomes meth cook.
I'd watch that.
Jun 22 by trachy