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That was beautiful.
Apr 17 by DarkTyphlosion
Plot Twist Indeed :O
Apr 17 by Gin Rummy
Ted is your cousin :O?
Apr 16 by Gin Rummy
When you've had your busiest weeks at college, generally how much free time do you have (for the week)?
Apr 14 by trachy
I feel for you with those Newgrounds reviews. I enjoy going onto Metacritic, amazon, or Netflix and just see people make complete fools of themselves.

Example for the movie Fargo: "A modern classic." And then they say nothing negative about the movie. 4/5 stars.
Apr 3 by trachy
Thats cos I sneaked the meds inside your house while you weren't looking. Sorry for killing yoooou :c
Apr 2 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
You died.
Stop dying.
And why ask? Just steal. I stole his life anyway...
Whoops, I revealed my secret.
I'm a murderer.

~ Love from, Indigo. ~
Apr 2 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Pizza Hut doesn't deliver to our house. :'(
Apr 2 by trachy
We'll Miss you Will. By the way, Can I have his 3DS?
Apr 2 by Zekrom88
Can I have your TV?
Apr 1 by trachy