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Someone was offended by your comment "holy damn". I just edited it, and he hid his comment and unflagged yours.
2 days ago by Astronautical
I've been good, just been busy
Apr 9 by Mewderator
No problem :)
Mar 28 by Astronautical
Yo. I am back!
Mar 22 by ~Infinity
I dunno you XD
But hey, and welcome back I guess lol
Nov 14, 2014 by Scilicet
Long time no see. Missed you all. <3
Oct 26, 2014 by ~Infinity
Last book is good, although I wasn't too pleased with the final pages. The end was good, just the event that happened right before the end was pretty disappointing. Then again, Stephen King isn't known for his endings. I consider Book 4 to be the highlight of the series though, mainly because it gives me Blaine the Train (riddle battles ftw), Randall Flagg, and an excellent look into Roland's childhood.
Sep 2, 2013 by trachy
I hope you're not just randomly starting with book 4. :P

 You might find it a good idea to also read Salem's Lot, The Stand, Hearts in Atlantis, and Insomnia before moving on in the series (if you haven't already read them that is). While almost all of Stephen King's books tied into the Dark Tower one way or another, these have a huge relationship with the series and will probably make reading the rest of the books even more enjoyable. Not to mention that Salem's Lot, The Stand, and Hearts are incredible books. Insomnia is solid, but it isn't Stephen King's best. Of course, King not at his best is still equal to every other author at their best. Before reading Insomnia, you might want to read It though, because Insomnia is the second book in the Derry Trilogy.
Aug 24, 2013 by trachy
Monk on Morphine FTW!
Aug 24, 2013 by Aeternis
OK guys I need u guys to decide moi next username: Triceratops Rex. Monk On Morphine. Or The Black hole
Aug 6, 2013 by ~Infinity