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Member for: 2 years (since Mar 20, 2013)
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Gender: Female
Country: Amerikuh!!
Favorite Pokémon: Absol,Lucario,Magmortar,Cobalion,Charizard X,SYLVEON
Friend Codes: one second,lemme get my DS up here...
Black:name:Maggie 1507-4470-8870
White 2:name:Maggie 4385-0187-6135
About me: Pokemon proff.,me right here!!You see,I've loved pokemon since I was 7,and I only have 3 pokemon
DS games.1.Black 2.White 2 3.Platinum
If I have time,or if you have time,pleas egive me a
shiny Magmortar or Electivire..Lv.100...from GTS..
If you're wondering why I have have a picture of
Cobalion instead of Snorlax,it's because I love Cobalion!!!!
My team the HM slave team:
(white 2)
Cobalion @ Metal Coat
-Sacred Sword
-Flash Cannon
-Volt Switch/Hidden Power Water
-Swords Dance
Zoroark @Dark Gem
-Night Slash
-Night Daze
Terrakion @Hard Stone
-Stone Edge
-Sacred Sword
-Swords Dance
Swanna @Splash Plate
-Ice Beam
Emboar @Quick Claw
-Grass Knot
-Stone Edge
Flygon @Soft Sand
-Dragon Tail
I know,my Swanna is a total HM slave,but it's super
useful,and super effective against most types.
My team,the well rounded team:
Zebstrika @Zap Plate
-Shock Wave
-Flame Charge
Emboar @Focus Sash
-Grass Knot
-Stone Edge
Krookodile @Dragon Fang
-Dragon Claw
Mandibuzz @Sharp Beak
-Dark Pulse
-Rock Smash
Beartic @NeverMeltIce
-Icy Wind
Snorlax @Choice Scarf
-Brick Break
Thank you,for all those movesets suggested on the
site!!friends on the site:
-skitty101 we traded luxray 4 skitty and she was the first good internet friend i ever had.
-Last Chance Breaker is sorta my friend cuz he answers all my questions.
-Brotad...i guess because were sorta friends.i miss his brotad username,so i shall call him brotad!
future name changes IloveSnorlax!>~Swaglax~


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Dat Snorlax, makes me think of Pringles
Nov 1, 2014 by Legend Of Lotad
Oct 21, 2014 by ~Swaglax~