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Politoed makes it Rain up in da Hizzy!

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I see a ton if Rain teams, figured i would try one out.

Politoed @ Leftovers
Trait: Drizzle
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
252 SAtk/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
- Scald
- Ice Beam
- Encore
- Protect

Weather setter. Protect scouts for anything dangerous, and if they try to set up Encore locks them into that move so i can set up too. Scald and Ice Beam are standard Politoed moves.

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Trait: Iron Barbs
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
252 Def/ 248 SDef/ 16 HP
- Stealth Rock
- Spikes
- Leech Seed
- Power Whip

Hazard Setter. Fire attacks are weakened by Rain, so Leech Seed and Lefties help keep him alive for a long time.

Starmie @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Natural Cure
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
252 Spd/ 252 SAtk/ 4 SDef
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
- Rapid Spin
- Trick

Spinner/TrickScarfer. Can cripple Sweepers or Walls that set up and Spin away Hazards. BoltBeam coverage over a STAB for the sake of Utility.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Trait: Poison Heal
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
252 Atk/ 248 Spd/ 16 Def
- Earthquake
- Facade
- Ice Fang
- Swords Dance

Offensive Gliscor. this relies on switching into Electric attacks, and having any checks already disposed of. Facade is 140 bp attack after Toxic Orb and Normal type cover a lot. Ice Fang covers Ground, Grass, Flying, and Dragon types. Earthquake is Earthquake. duh .

Dragonite @ Leftovers
Trait: Multiscale
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
252 SAtk/ 252 Spd/ 4 HP
- Hurricane
- Thunder
- Surf
- Roost

Multiscale abuser. Special Attacker, Hurricane is STAB and 100% accurate in Rain, plus confusion chance. Thunder is 100% accurate in Rain, plus Paralysis chance. Surf gets boosted by Rain. Roost allows for abuse of Multiscale.

Bronzong @ Air Balloon
Trait: Heatproof
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
252 SDef/ 248 Def/ 16 HP
0 Spd IV's
- Gyro Ball
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Toxic

Dual Screener/Wall. Rain + Heatproof + Light Screen means Fire Blast doesn't even scratch Bronzie and STAB Gyro Ball hits hard enough that with Toxic it wears them down.

asked Oct 17, 2012 by SlipperyDevil
Instead of a Scarfed Starmie I would highly suggest Life Orb with Hydro Pump over Trick (and maybe Thunder over Thunderbolt, depends on how much trouble you have with other weathers). Hydro Pump+Rain+Life Orb+STAB from Starmie does excellent damage.

Starmie @ Life Orb
Trait: Natural Cure
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
252 SAtk/ 252 Spd/ 4 SDef
- Hydro Pump
- Thunder
- Ice Beam
- Rapid Spin


does this set look ok? i thought about Recover, but i figure Starmie lacks the bulk to really use it.

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