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Suggestions for my team?

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Dragonite (M) @ Quick Claw
Ability: Inner Focus
Adamant Nature (+ Atk, - SAtk)
- Arerial Ace
- Roost
- Dragon Calw
- Dragon Rush

Zoroark (M) @ Lax incense
Ability: Illusion
Docile Nature
- Night Daze
- Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse
- Focus Blast

Tyranitar (M) @ Shell Bell
Ability: Sand Stream
Adamant Nature (+ Atk, - SAtk)
- Crunch
- Stone Edge
- Dragon Claw
- Outrage

Lilligant (F) @ Bright Powder
Ability: Own Tempo
Docile Nature
- Petal Dance
- Quiver Dance
- Dream Eater
- Sleep Powder

Carracosta (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
Impish Nature (+ Def, - SAtk)
- Waterfall
- Protect
- Rock Slide
- Curse

Chandelure (M) @ Razor Claw
Ability: Flame Body
Mild Nature (+ SAtk, - Def)
- Flamethrower
- Confuse Ray
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast

asked Aug 11, 2011 by mystery
edited Aug 11, 2011 by mystery
EVS or Roles, please.
Dragonite- Physical Sweeper
Zoroark- Special Sweeper
Tyranitar- Physical Sweeper
Lilligant- Supporter
Carracosta- Physical Wall
Chandelure- Special Sweeper

1 Answer

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1- Dragonite
item: Charcoal/Fire plate
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Inner focus ( it would be good against attacks like air slash / bite ......)
Move set:
Fire punch (it would be useful against ice types since Dragonite is x 4 weak to ice)
Thunder wave (To paralyze the foe and attack freely like dragon/ice types ......)
Dragon dance (to boost the attack and speed a little)
Fly (so you won't take damage for 1 turn)

2- Zoroark
Item: Black glasses
Nature: Modest
Move set:
Night daze (much stronger than dark pulse)
Focus blast ( to help against normal types that have U-turn or other types like psychic type .....)
Flamethrower (To have an advantage against Bug/grass.........)
Toxic (To be like a little revenge present if you would phrase it in a simple way)

Item:Charcoal/Fire plate
Nature: Lax
Ability: Sand stream
Move set:
Fire Fang ( help against Grass/Bug .......)
Giga impact (A powerful attack since Tyranitar is a good attacker)
Stone edge (a perfect thing against Flying/Bug ......)
brick break (good against rock/normal .....)

4- Lililgant
But replace petal dance with leaf storm

5- Carracosta
Item: Shell bell
Ability: Solid rock (decreases the amount of damage you take)
Nature: Modest
Move set:
Ice beam

6- Chandelerue
Item: Wise glasess
Ability:Flash fire
Nature: Modest
Move set:
Shadow ball
Energy ball
Fire blast

Hope i helped witch would be rarely

answered Aug 12, 2011 by Flying Flygon
regarding night daze/dark pulse i wouldn't call 5 power much stronger.  i prefer dark pulse for the chance to flinch.
Thanks for the help
For Tyranitar, not taking advantage of Earthquake and Dark-STAB is a pity =/
On Dragonite, telling the opponent "Switch into me! Switch into me!" is just the occasion everyone waits for...
And I think that as Lilligant is a supporter, it should have a reliable Energy Ball instead, although if you switch alot, it doesn't matter. Also, it looks more like a sweeper set with a sleep gimmick ^,^'