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RMt trick room doubles team! ty

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Hi everyone! This is my first try at a competitive trick room team! Still havent finished it yet completely but heres whats in store. Please let me know what i can do to make it better, all opinions are welcome! Thank you!

Reuniclus ( Quiet)
item: Life Orb
Ability: Magic gaurd
Evs: 252 hp 252 spatk 4sdef
Moves: Psychic
Trick Room
Focus Blast

note: i really like reuniclus as he's a very bulky TR setup with good covarage

Marowak (Brave)
item: thick club
ability: rock head
Evs: 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 spdef
Moves: Double Edge
Rock Slide
Fire Punch

note: I think marowak seems to be a great Tr sweeper due to his amazing attack stat with the thick club. Not sure about the moveset to give him.

Porygon 2 (Quiet)
item: Eviolite
ability: Trace
Evs: 252 hp, 252 spatk, 4 def
Moves: Ice Beam
Trick room
note: this is my 2nd trick room setup. He seems to be very bulky when given that item and has a good moveset i believe.

Escavalier (Brave)
item: Choice band
ability: Swarm
Evs: 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 spdef
Moves: Megahorn
Note: Love having escavalier on the tr team as he has a very good attack stat and when tr is up has one of the fastest speeds around. I hate that his movepool lacks a bit but think these moves are good except maybe return, not sure what to put in that forth slot. And the item im not too sure either.

Cofagrifus (Quiet)
item: Leftovers
ability: munny
Evs: 252 hp, 252 spatk, 4 spdef
moves: Shadow Ball
Trick Room
Nasty Plot
Energy Ball
Note: Cafagrigus is my 3rd trick room setup, i like him because hes very bulky and can take a hit while he sets up trick room and is immune to fake out. He can then sweep good with a nasty plot up. Only thing im not sure of is his moveset and item to be held. Any here would be appreciated ty

As for my 6th im not sure who to use, was thinking maybe druddigon for his coverage but not too sure. All help in this rmt is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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First one: Quiet, Bulky.
Second one: Brave, loves because of Attack stat.
Third one: Quiet, good bulk.
Fourth One: Brave, lovely Attack stat.
5th one: Quiet, good bulk.

Anyone else seeing a pattern here? 0.o
marowak is awesome. good choice

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