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Rate my wifi team!

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Another team for the wifi train, random matchup, etc.

Registeel- Leftovers
Trait- Clear body
Evs- 252 HP/ 4 Def./ 252 SpD./
Movesets: Stealth Rocks, Thunder Wave, Siemic Toss, EQ
~Here to set up rocks and wall the crap out of ya~

Heracross- Choice Scarf
Trait- Moxie
Evs- 252 Atk./ 4 Def./ 252 Speed/
Movesets: MegaHorn, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Night Slash
~ Here to kick ass and send opponents to hell where I live~

Whiscash- Life Orb
Trait- Anticipation
Evs- 4 HP/ 252 Atk./ 252 speed/
Movesets: D-Dance, EQ, Waterfall, Rest
~ I don't know about this pokemon but with Registeel having t-wave hopefully I can easily spam d-dance on this badass wannabe~

So this is my team, hope I get some advice and btw pokemon x, y looks nice ;)

asked Jan 9, 2013 by DemonKiller

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