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Post Pokemon for 1v1 right here

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I love seeing 1v1 teams. But with one Pokemon, it doesn't work very well and there will just be a bunch of questions. So I had the idea to have this question. Answer with your Pokemon. People can comment for advice on it. Avoid using sprites as it severely lags the page.

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Wait, do we get advice after the tourney, or do we not post at all until after the tourney?
Sorry for the noobish question.
You post for advice anytime you want, but I'm saying that you should post after you've lost just so your opponent doesn't see your Pokemon and counter it.

Although I really don't care. :P

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Here's a little something I cooked up in that wierd lil' brain of mine. I call it: SubSucker Bisharp.

Rook (Bisharp)@ Sitrus Berry


Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Sucker Punch
- Swords Dance
- Quick Guard

Tah-dah! It looks incredibly unstable, but this is 1v1, so there's a chance it could work. This set is countered by:

  • Stallers (nothing for Sucker Punch to hit)
  • Fighting-types (yowzah)
  • Infiltrator (Sub is useless)
  • Burns (can be worked around, but it's not pretty)

My thoughts behind this Bisharp:

I was toying around with Pokémon for VGC 2015 when I came to Bisharp. Somehow I thought of Sub + Sucker Punch Mega Mawile and wondered if it could apply to Bisharp. So I whipped out the ol' thinking cap and put together what I dubbed "SubSucker Bisharp". The thinking is to (hopefully) get a Substitute out without taking too much damage. As the opponent tries to break the first Sub, I Swords Dance. I Swords Dance until the Sub is broken. Then I put out another Sub and eat my Sitrus Berry. They are forced to break this Sub. Now I slay them with anywhere from a +1 (in case of Intimidate) to a +6 Sucker Punch. Quick Guard is to prevent ugly Mach Punches for a turn, although I could replace it with Iron Head to hit things that Sucker Punch cannot.

So there it is, my original concept of SubSucker Bisharp! I have never used this in practice, but in theory it's pretty cool.

WARNING: SubSucker Bisharp has not been battle-tested. Use at your own risk.

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This was already on here, I don't want to take credit for it, but I can't remember who it was by. It was an incredible 1v1 moveset that is a lot of fun to play with, here it is:

Alakazam @ Alakazite (note the original used a rocky helmet which works great as well, I just prefer the extra speed)
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Protect
- Encore
- Disable
- Psychic

Pretty simple, you use protect, mega evolve and see if they use an attacking move or a status move. If they use a status move then use encore, if they use an attacking move use disable. If you have some luck then you can trap into struggle by using the opposite move from the turn before.

Pretty much how it works, hope you like this moveset not created by me!

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Dang, this guy vs. SubSucker Bisharp… nothing would happen XD
No, because it could be forced into struggle :P
'Zam can't touch Bisharp with Psychic, while Bisharp can't hit back with Sucker Punch. It would come down to Struggle.
Now I really want to try this out.
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(There aren't much answers here, so I assumed I could put sprites on. However, if it lags the page, just post a comment and I will remove them)

Currently, the most threatening Pokemon in 1v1 is...

enter image description here
Salamence-Mega@ Salamencite
Ability: Moxie -----> Aerilate
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 Sp. Def
Adamant / Jolly Nature

  • Thrash / Return
  • Outrage / Dragon Claw
  • Earthquake / Dragon Dance
  • Crunch / Dragon Dance


Bold is for suggested moves. Italics mean that both moves could work.

The EVs are pretty basic. The nature Adamant is there for picking up important OHKO's, while Jolly Nature outspeeds certain Pokemon (including Adamant Lopunny). It's your choice...

Usually, Thrash is preferred over Return for instant damage. The lock-in isn't much of a big deal because you would want to end the battle as soon as possible. The same case goes for Outrage. Earthquake is also recommended for providing important coverage. Either Crunch or Dragon Dance could work in the last slot, with D-Dance being as a set-up move and Crunch for Psychic and Ghost types.


This set pretty much counters everything, but M-Lopunny can easily slay this mighty dragon with Fake Out + Ice Punch (only if you're running Adamant). However, if you can land a hit on M-Lopunny, it instantly OHKOs with Thrash / Return, so M-Lopunny can only be considered as a mere check.

Mega-Mawile also OHKO's Salamence with Play Rough and Salamence with Jolly Nature can only do about 96% with Earthquake.

Note: This set is probably better than the Kyurem-B set because of the extra power, but, unfortunately, it doesn't have Mold Breaker and can't beat Sturdy users like Kyurem-B can.
However, this set virtually made most set-up Pokemon in 1v1 useless...

Anyways this brings us to the next Pokemon...

enter image description here
Ability: Download / Trace
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Sp. Def
Bold Nature

  • Recover
  • Thunder Wave
  • Charge Beam
  • Ice Beam


EVs and Nature are pretty basic / simple, but you can adjust it to withstand certain attacks.

Recover is a good healing move. Thunder Wave has a chance of immobilizing the Pokemon and slashes their speed. Charge Beam is a set-up move and has a high chance of increasing Sp. Atk. With Ice Beam, it provides a psuedo-BoltBeam combo.


Basically anything that can OHKO Porygon2 can ruin your plans. This includes M-Salamence, M-Lopunny, Kyurem-B.

Also this set faces difficulty against Ground-types and Electric-types, but it can be worked around with.

Finally, stall / annoyer sets can counter Porygon2. Some examples are F.E.A.R Magnemite and Encore + Disable M-Alakazam (which was especially popular back in XY and maybe BW, but I haven't seen much of it lately).

Finally, here's the last set...

enter image description here
Jirachi@Choice Scarf / Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 Sp. Def
Adamant Nature

  • Thunder Wave / Zen Headbutt
  • Iron Head
  • Fire Punch
  • Protect / Drain Punch


The moves in italics are recommended for a paraflinch set. The moves in bold are for a Scarfed set.

Basically, Thunder Wave is used for slashing down their speed and chance of immobilizing the opponent. Zen Headbutt + Iron Head are dual-STABS and give a good flinch chance with Serene Grace. Fire Punch further abuses Serene Grace and has a higher chance of Burn (if you don't get a chance to set up T-Wave). If you're running a paraflinch set, Protect is important for scouting moves and defending against possible 2HKO or OHKO attacks.


Certain Pokemon that can OHKO and outspeed Jirachi (before it can set up T-Wave) easily counter the paraflinch set.

Jirachi also loses out to certain stall / F.E.A.R sets (if it runs the Scarfed set).

Note: I never had tested out the Choice Scarf set, so use it at your own risk.

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