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Post them Battle Replays here.

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So, if guys cannot read, you guys post battle replays here.

If they are boring, you lose a Mew point.
If they are interesting, you gain a Mew point

DB League replays go here


Accidental Torkoal sweep in OU against all odds - Blob
Emolga going to work in OU - Fondant
Incredibly close UU battle :O - Fiz
Lenub be haxing his wins - Leboss
Rather embarrassing noob swept by an Espeon - Flare
A victory despite constant hax against a rather amusing opponent - Star
Epic UU battle of the UU Leaders - Flafpert

When a replay is a month old, it will be hidden to prevent the page from becoming slow.

asked Mar 26, 2013 by Mewderator
edited Feb 3 by ƒιzz
Can we do doubles as well? and I'm assuming no Hackmons?
JCM said that im not allowed to answer this but this is a great Drifloon (Zorua) sweep

It's not that you're not allowed, it's that it's a bad replay that doesn't deserve an answer.
JCM, you aren't allowed to make that call. This is a Mew-point system, not "you have to be awesome at life". I could bring tongs of boring replays if I felt like it.
Not everybody can make warstory material replays, I know I can't.
That said bad replays do need to be converted. The edit I made was a very slack version of what Jcm said before you instantly edit it out. Its pretty reasonable. I know Mew posted it, but I had the idea and asked him for it so I was planning on inputting a bit.
It's that I didn't use the right words. Warstory material isn't obligated, but still people need to have a bit of fun when they watch the replay..
Ok i know it now Thanks for telling JCM
I have auth over both of you. Unless Mew comments, none of you have a say.
Would it be ok if I used a youtube link for the replay?
^ I don't see why not
I wanna post a replay, but every time I battle in the hopes of an epic replay, it seems 10 times more boring. >_>
How do you post replays form the DB server? It won't let me..
Mew... W00T's a Mew point? :D
A mew point say that the replay was awesome and funny
This thread is way to long; the Battle Replays cant even be seen without embarking on a journey through thia huge thread.

Here's an extension: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/21003/post-them-battle-replays-here-continued
Mew can you create another Replay Thread? This one is to large...
Noob swept by UU poke in OU
Krookodile is UU, not RU.
Sorry swaggron, it's edited now. But r u facepalming at me or the noob whos conkeldurr didn't know mach punch (lol:)) Cos getting the tier wrong wasn't that bad...
Would me Sweeping a guy be boring? I only used my Darkrai... 'Twas fun!
I was facepalming that you called someone a noob and called Krooko by the wrong tier in the same sentence :P
yeah...I should check before failing...XD
Mewderator... What are Mew points? 030
yeah. What are mew points
am I an embarrassment to showdown mew?

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Got bored and brought my butt to the DB server, and decided to fight Hex because what the hell. Really good battle where the predicts of one player pulled off and allowed him to win. So yea enjoy already better than most of the posts in this thread lol..

answered Mar 5 by JirachiCelebiMew
Most of the posts in this thread are like 5-0s and not even good battles, so don't be proud of yourself. :P
idc ?_?
Wow you are still alive.
Um... wow, JCM did you know that Mega Pinsir would survive ESpeed or were you just hoping it would?
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Two interesting battles that really came down to the wire, and in the end came down to if Parasect could pull through or not.



answered Mar 14 by Hex
Lmao they were pretty intense close battles xD
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Unown sweeps half a team to give me de win

^Click that and PRAISE UNOWN

answered Mar 29 by Sempiternus
I'm tempted to downvote for Lightning Rod -.-:
I thought it was rock head >.<
Idc, you deserve the downvote. I won't because it would be mean, but I want too
Okay I take back everything I said.

I used Thunder Wave as a ploy to set up a position where I could sweep with Unown since I wanted a nice replay, and I predicted such a position if I played like that.
In that case..I'll make a dupe and downvote you twice for using an awful strategy
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Le Scraf's Compiling of Replays against members of the DB


Win vs. JarJar
Win vs. ƒιzz
Win vs. JCM

answered Jan 8 by Le Scraf
edited Mar 29 by Le Scraf
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This was a really good Meta of the Month game. Barely pulled it off.

answered Mar 7 by Nindzya
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answered Mar 9 by Nindzya
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answered Mar 12 by ZorCario
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^ Click that c;

answered Mar 14 by Sempiternus
Lollololol. That 1 HP.
"Sempiternus: such survive
stretcher: ok"

"ok" xD.
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Red's Team

Who said not being serious was bad o3o?
Sciz vs Redo
I'm using Red's team and I think it's fair to say Redo was a bit surprised by the outcome o3o
Enjoy ~

Another 'Why so serious moment' on main.
Ragequits sak :P

I guess this is a ragequit :P

A fairly intense battle for both sides. I made some 'dun goofed moments'

Another Rage quit

answered Mar 14 by Scizornician
edited Mar 16 by Scizornician
lmfao Redo xD
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answered Mar 15 by bloodblade1234
mixed gengar tho. mixed scizor tho. tbh those sets needed lots and lots of help. On both sides
I honestly don't see what makes that replay interesting... it seems like a pretty standard OU match to me.
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I actually like this replay, quite so. Gren can sweep Godzilla and I made some good plays. Poor guy

answered Mar 16 by Stay_Silent
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Lol i luv these kind of people

answered Mar 17 by beeotch
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answered Mar 18 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
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answered Mar 18 by Wildfire~
edited Mar 18 by Wildfire~
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Most annoying clefable?

I think so...


answered Mar 23 by daimonwng0
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answered Mar 25 by Mewderator
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Luvdisc and friends


answered Mar 26 by Sempiternus
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I quite like this replay :)

I've recently started playing OU Monotype and in this replay I was using a Steel type team on the main server, my opponent was using a Fire type team. At one point in the match I was trailing 6-3 but I managed to come back thanks to my trusty Bisharp and Stealth Rocks of course to win 0-2 :) My opponent obviously wasn't the greatest of players but was still a challenge to defeat considering I had a major disadvantage right from the start :P

answered Mar 30 by Dan
Oh wow, this turns out to be my first RMT answer :3
Its your first RMT comment aswell
^ Yeah you're right :P
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My Replay

This was my first ever battle on the Showdown Server, I eventually won, thanks to my Jellicent (:D), as my opponent forfeit.

My Team:

Mega Charizard X

answered Apr 4 by Torterra02
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answered Apr 6 by TheCastformGuy