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So, if guys cannot read, you guys post battle replays here.

If they are boring, you lose a Mew point.
If they are interesting, you gain a Mew point

DB League replays go here


Accidental Torkoal sweep in OU against all odds - Blob
Emolga going to work in OU - Fondant
Incredibly close UU battle :O - Fiz
Lenub be haxing his wins - Leboss
Rather embarrassing noob swept by an Espeon - Flare
A victory despite constant hax against a rather amusing opponent - Star
Epic UU battle of the UU Leaders - Flafpert

When a replay is a month old, it will be hidden to prevent the page from becoming slow.

asked Mar 26, 2013 by Mewderator
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am I an embarrassment to showdown mew?
When I answer this, my answers don't show up, is there anything wrong?
How do we know if we get a Mew Point,An Upvote?
The DB League Replays link was hidden FYI.
Some replays nee to be hidden.

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People often believe that Random Battle is a luck based thing, with little prediction or skill required. Here's something completely against that

Click me <----- Random Battle with more predicts than half of the OU battles that happen

answered Aug 1 by Sempiternus
Half of them were misreads that wouldn't have happened in a basic match tbh, still a good match though. Why all the randbats? Cba making teams? And what other moves did Rotom Have? >.>
yeah Semp, you just used Volt Switch like a little coward
Rotom was Choice Scarf >.>. It had Trick / Pain Split / Overheat / Volt Switch. So the only viable move I could safely use was Vol Switch
And I overpredicted quite a bit. I used Clear Smog first turn because I was playing with an OU mentality and predicted the DD which turned out false. XC
Also I can't be bothered playing OU now.
At least RandBatz has some unexpected and suprise factor. OU is really just the same couple things over and over again.

For the record, that was specs Amoonguss. Damn randbatz.
I don't play OU much, but I don't ever 'get bored' of a tier until very, very late on. I didn't get bored of Gen 5 OU until the week before XY was released. And you can always play weirdly and wacky but still effective, even if you go against the same things, it's pretty fun :D. Especially trolling
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Epic Random Battle with DT, very close match, 65 turns!

I may have said this before but the close battles are always the best ones, no one wants to see someone who is good at battling demolish some beginner 6-0, or someone win 6-0 because of hacks or misplays :3

Highlights of the match:

  • I end up Paralyzing 4 of DT's 6 Pokémon.
  • DT OKHO's my Dialga with a Mega Pinsir with Dialga just entering the match.
  • Snorlax with -1 Attack is unable to break Shaymin's Sub with a Fire Punch in 1 turn so is forced to switch out because it is seeded.
  • Great predictions throughout the match.
  • Neck and neck the entire game when it comes to the amount of Pokémon we each had left.
  • Few misses here and their; in particular DT's Focus Blast and Icy Wind and my Leech Seed.
  • Keldeo worked overtime for DT barely ever getting Paralyzed, while Shaymin and Jirachi work overtime for myself.
  • Shaymin with Rest and Natural Cure is a Monster, especially with Leech Seed.
  • A lot of using Leech Seed, Substitute and Icy Wind.
  • DT's computer crashes about 3/4 of the way into the battle xD
  • Surprise Pokémon at the end is revealed and wins the game ;)
answered Jul 18 by Sir Dan
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That was fun to watch.
Wow. Truely epic.
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Piplupenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

To any of you who doubt the power of Piplup...

I swept a team with him! <--- Click this link

I hope all of you will accept the fact that Piplup triumphs over all else.

answered Aug 3 by Pimplup
Funny :) +1
Ikr :D
troll :)
wow that was amazing
Lol! +1
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Brotad v. Kyron OU Monotype (MonoBug vs. MonoFighting)

Watch a clash of megas! Heracross and Medicham leave trails of destruction in a battle that could have gone anyway. Hax and predictions seemingly brought the battle to many end points, but what there was one thing that decided it all:

enter image description here

You can't rustle the Crustle

The battle

answered Jun 16 by Ludicobro
edited Jun 16 by Ludicobro
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5-2 down against someone above 1900 in rating? One of your Pokemon asleep? No problem. Let the hax begin

What is hax :O? <----- Click this goddamit
enter image description here

answered Jun 30 by Sempiternus
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answered Jul 10 by Ninja
edited Jul 10 by Ninja
Cool vids.  +1
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answered Jul 16 by Ninja
Gg, it was a close battle and the close one's are generally the best wp :3
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Best. Random Battle. Ever.

Click to watch.

answered Aug 3 by Scraϝ
Wow! What a great battle!
... may I know the competers lol
God damn it, you should've switched earlier. XD
Yeah what PX said except you suck in general too :P
Hey Scraf, 2008 called. IT WANTS IT'S BATTLE BACK.
You guys are so mean to him.  Good job, Scraf.
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A lesson in why you should never Rage Quit. You may start the battle with several mistakes but all it can take is one mistake by your opponent to turn the tide of the battle.


Note: This is an old team, and I make a lot of dumb mistakes at the beginning. But it is all worth it if you watch it to the end.

answered Aug 6 by Speed freak
edited Aug 6 by Speed freak
while it was fun :D you only won cos the opponent didn't know the know typings, and had a pretty bad team overall anyway. Most people would have won you in that situation.
That is exactly my point. You never know what mistake your opponent can make with just a slip of the mind or mouse. I made the mistake of not using HP (Ice) with Jolteon which would have cost me the game had he not made the mistake of forgetting the Fairy type.
I guess, but I tend to like funny AND skilful matches :D. I'm hard to please. Very hard.
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Throh: The most bulky, annoying Pokémon EVER

answered 2 days ago by TheBlackEmpoleon
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answered Jun 14 by Tiecoonracoon
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answered Jun 16 by Natsu
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Click this link or DIIIIEEEEE
In this battle I made a clutch play with Gardevoir that cost my opponent the whole match!

answered Jun 21 by Hairy Shed
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Aww Yeah
A miraculous comeback from a seemingly unwinnable UU battle!

answered Jun 21 by Hairy Shed
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Epic Doubles replay with my Sun team. Guy quit, but I had the game in the bag.


Near-Goodra sweep.

answered Jun 29 by Infernapeburn
edited Jun 30 by Infernapeburn
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Burn's Return to XY OU Singles!

So I haven't played Singles in a few months. I either didn't play or played Doubles. But my on-cartridge team is nearly complete, so I thought I'd get used to it again... and this happened.

answered Jul 1 by Infernapeburn
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Priority Rocks

Click link above ^

This battle was in OU, one of my first times doing OU. Let me just say, Priority rocks.
My Showdown name is PokeElf.

answered Jul 2 by LordGoomy
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This guy wasn't the best at his types so I got a a good victory

answered Jul 3 by JJ123
i was a noob when i did that battle srry if i offended you
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When Happy gets revenge, he'll take his sweet time with your death.

OU battle, me vs NonePiece. Pretty close, and he was about to win, but Happy managed to take the Garchomp hit like a boss.

answered Jul 4 by Poke'slash
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The Power of Gliscor

^^That's the link

This is a Gliscor mini-sweep... from a Defensive Gliscor.

answered Jul 4 by Infernapeburn