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So, for those who cannot read, you guys post battle replays here. Note, your replays should be interesting battles - there should be something special about the game you post. This means that unless there's something particularly interesting in it, sweep replays shouldn't be posted as they're not very entertaining.


Accidental Torkoal sweep in OU against all odds - Blob
Emolga going to work in OU - Fondant
Incredibly close UU battle :O - Fizz
Lenub be haxing his wins - Leboss
Rather embarrassing noob swept by an Espeon - Flare
A victory despite constant hax against a rather amusing opponent - Star
Epic UU battle of the UU Leaders - Flafpert
Slowbro is the master race, OU vs Mew - Ninja

When a replay is a month old, it will be hidden to prevent the page from becoming slow.

asked Mar 26, 2013 by Mewderator
edited 4 days ago by &Shining Yin
yeah. What are mew points
am I an embarrassment to showdown mew?
How do we know if we get a Mew Point,An Upvote?
The DB League Replays link was hidden FYI.
Some replays nee to be hidden.

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That battle doe
Lupus rekt me ;-;

answered Jan 23 by PikaMaster
This battle was hype x3
Pelipper banned to AG tbh
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answered Jan 9 by M-Salamence08
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This guy kinda raged. I didn't play very offensively. Just because my Smeargle used Geomancy twice, he forfeited.

LOL <--- link

answered Jan 23 by It's a secret!
edited 6 days ago by It's a secret!
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answered 3 days ago by MechSteelix
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Am I a hax god yet? Sableye singlehandedly takes on a +6 Clefable and Hawlucha.

answered 3 days ago by Radicool21
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You could say that crit was... critical.

answered 2 days ago by Radicool21
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answered 2 days ago by OriginalGamer100
He was using an RU Team... -_-