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So, if guys cannot read, you guys post battle replays here.

If they are boring, you lose a Mew point.
If they are interesting, you gain a Mew point

DB League replays go here


Accidental Torkoal sweep in OU against all odds - Blob
Emolga going to work in OU - Fondant
Incredibly close UU battle :O - Fiz
Lenub be haxing his wins - Leboss
Rather embarrassing noob swept by an Espeon - Flare
A victory despite constant hax against a rather amusing opponent - Star
Epic UU battle of the UU Leaders - Flafpert

When a replay is a month old, it will be hidden to prevent the page from becoming slow.

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yeah. What are mew points
am I an embarrassment to showdown mew?
How do we know if we get a Mew Point,An Upvote?
The DB League Replays link was hidden FYI.
Some replays nee to be hidden.

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enter image description here


enter image description here

answered Sep 15 by Shy Guy of Justice
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This is a great PU battle I had recently where, after a really bad start, I managed to claw and my way back to a real nailbiting finale. So here it is:

enter image description here enter image description here
Scyther & Zebstrika


enter image description here enter image description here
Torterra and Musharna


answered Sep 16 by Flafpert
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Close random battle, Lilligant coming in clutch.

So close for a PU Grumpig sweep, with alot of luck on my side

Lucky crit and late game sweep by Mega-Medicham in OU

A fun OU battle with my new team

Another PU battle
(last one i swear)

How are my battling skills? Im still in my first year of meta battling so any improvements and tips are welcome! Thanks for watching!

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UU in OU? Opponent forfeits?
Watch http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-167379675

answered Sep 26 by It's a secret!
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Watch this.
It's quite interesting.

answered Oct 3 by It's a secret!
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Hey guys I'm back to post these two battle replays for you. (I normally have a couple of battles while I'm waiting for the loading bar to load on the Anime/Movie I'm watching :3)

First Replay - 58 Turns

The first replay is a me versus this guy in a Random Battle, I got to say it was a pretty decent battle even though I lost >.> I probably could of won had Fearow's Drill Run hit Metagross, as his Heatran would of died switching in and his Lopunny would have received damage switching in, which wouldn't kill it but my Fearow had 226 Speed and a Choice Scarf so yeah I was bound to go first.

Second Replay - 37 Turns

The second replay is another Random Battle and is must-see, this "creep" was complaining that I got the "perfect team" to counter his, despite only seeing two of my Pokémon at the time :P It was pretty funny to say the least the guy was smashing up, swearing and basically just complaining that I had the better team and I was getting all the hacks. Funny thing is when comparing the two teams at the end of the game he actually had the "perfect team" to counter mine. In the end he decided to rage quit telling me to "just go **** myself" xD.

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Why is Sp. Def Heatran so good? GET STALL CLUTCHED

answered 2 days ago by BigBootyBacca
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I was in a Uber battle losing 6-1 and my Mega Kangaskhan wiped them all!
Check NOW!

enter image description here ROOOOOAR!

answered 1 day ago by ShinyFire