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asked Mar 26, 2013 by Mewderator
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yeah. What are mew points
am I an embarrassment to showdown mew?
How do we know if we get a Mew Point,An Upvote?
The DB League Replays link was hidden FYI.
Some replays nee to be hidden.

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answered Sep 23 by TheCastformGuy
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answered Sep 25 by Toxicroak
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Replay - 37 Turns.

This replay is of a Random Battle and is must-see, this "creep" was complaining that I got the "perfect team" to counter his, despite only seeing two of my Pokémon at the time :P It was pretty funny to say the least the guy was smashing up, swearing and basically just complaining that I had the better team and I was getting all the hacks. Funny thing is when comparing the two teams at the end of the game he actually had the "perfect team" to counter mine. In the end he decided to rage quit telling me to "just go **** myself" xD.

answered Oct 9 by Sir Dan
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answered Oct 14 by ice ftw
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Why is Sp. Def Heatran so good? GET STALL CLUTCHED

answered Oct 19 by BigBootyBacca
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I was in a Uber battle losing 6-1 and my Mega Kangaskhan wiped them all!
Check NOW!

enter image description here ROOOOOAR!

answered Oct 20 by ShinyFire
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Swept entire opponent team (or at least until he forfeited on his last pokemon) with leading Kyurem (Random Battle)

answered Oct 20 by siddharthaV
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Dang 87 turn Challenge Cup 1-vs-1 Match.

Now that's how you stall.

That's more turns than half my 6-vs-6 matches!

Just for the record Garbodor was holding a BrightPowder.

answered Oct 28 by Sir Dan
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Death by puns. Whoa...

5-0 Farfetch'd sweep... yup, I killed My Farfetch'd in the end, but still... Too bad I no longer have it, may be somewhere on Youtube if I could find it. ;~;

Next, my ultimate Troll team... Here.

More coming soon, wish I could get my 6-0 sweep with klefki up...

answered Oct 30 by Helios_Ex
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Pretty awesome RandBat. Or so I think. Can't think of a catchy title, so...

RandBat #1

His Entei was wrecking my team until I finally Tricked his Scarf off. Pretty good prediction throughout (I think.) Enjoy, peeps.

RandBat #2

6-1 Clefable tank. RQ.

answered Oct 31 by ∞Skynet∞
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Salamence & The Pink Blobs go to battle
The ORAS OU team I made, featuring only Mega Salamence, Chansey, Slowbro and Sylveon can actually win a battle! In theory, I thought it might work well. In practice, it didn't. So now I've managed to win with it, I feel very proud!

answered Nov 9 by The Noby
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answered Nov 12 by Ninja
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answered Nov 13 by mew2002
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I prayed for a miss (actually prayed and said 'Let me hope') and it happened.
The rain team vs Talonflame

answered Nov 16 by It's a secret!
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Think Mega Gallade's ability is useless?
Think again

^_^ (31 turns)

The "^_^" is a link btw

answered Dec 4 by It's a secret!
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The idiot that couldn't predict my Acrobatics spam is an idiot.
This guy sucked.

answered Dec 7 by It's a secret!
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Epic 0-6 Crustle sweep (using only Crustle)

Click here for the most epic 1 pokemon sweep ever!!!!!

answered Dec 8 by tyrantrum1016