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any suggestions for my pu team.

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First I'd like to say that pu needs to be an official tier

Relicanth @ leftovers
Impish nature 252hp 252def 4atk
Stealth rocks, head smash, waterfall, rest
Rock head ability

It basically sets up rocks and makes spinda's and beautifly's job easier. But this thing can. Hit pretty hard with head smash.

Spinda @ choice scarf
Jolly nature 252speed 252hp 4atk
Rapid spin, super power, sucker punch, trick
Contraire ability

Its kind of a gimmicky pokemon but it can trick it's scarf onto audino or a set up sweeper like dousioun and then start attacking with super power making it's defence and atk go up due to it's ability. It has rapid spid just in case rocks are on my side and that's bad for beautifly. It has sucker punch basically just to hit mr. Mime.

Beautifly @ leftovers
Timid nature 252 spatk 252speed 4 def
Quiver dance, susubstitue psychic, bug buzz
Swarm ability

Beautifly is the world's prettiest sweeper. He has a pretty standard set. I put psychic on him just to hit muk and swalot and dustox. It has substitute to protect him from being killed by sucker punch or by toxic.

Maractis @ leftovers
Calm nature 252hp 252spdef 4spatk
Leach seed, gigadrain, cotton guard, substitute
Waterabsorb ability

As a sub seeder there are a few pokemon that might do it a little better but this things water absorb and cotton guard really sold it to me.

Lampet @ life orb
Modest 252speed 252spatk 4spdef
Painsplit, over heat, shadow ball, energy ball
Flash fire ability

It's hear cuz of it's immunity to fighting and fire It also has amazing offensive typing. It's also part of my grass fire water core.

Zebstrika @ choice band
Adament nature 252speed 252atk 4hp
Wild charge, pursuit, quick attack, double kick
Motor drive ability

First id like too say a lot of sites say this is pu but I'm not totally sure it is.
It is immune to electric and gets a speed boost from an electric move. A choice band quick attack is enough to take down a weakened pokemon a choice pursuit can kill a switch out.

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Whenever u say pu, you mean NU ?
No he means PU.
What is PU ?
Poorly Used as I recall
Oh well but I verified in Smogon and they don't talk about this tier. I can't help, I don't know this tier.
Take out spinda cuz spinda is honestly a horrible pokemon and replace it with a vanilluxe with automobillize because spinda horrible stats with a great move pool and I also think that u could add an audino with this set
Ability// regenerator
Wish - heal teammates
Heal bell - remove statuses
Light screen - SpD boost
Reflect - Def boost

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